Just diagnosed with Fibro.... help.

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by volleygirl22, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. volleygirl22

    volleygirl22 New Member

    Hi. I was just diagnosed with FM 3 days ago. I don't know how to accept this. My mind is all over the place and I feel lost. Am I alone? how do i handle this?

    Searching for help....
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the board. You many want to visit the chronic fatigue/fibro board
    at this same site. See the upper right hand corner.

    You can also read on this topic. See top of the page for Research, news and articles.
    Good luck

  3. gb66

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    Go to the fibromyalgia or me/chronic fatigue board.
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  4. sherlockgranny

    sherlockgranny New Member

    I have been dealing with this for years, finally found out what is was. Thank God for answers! Been to specialist, my family dr thought it was Lupus so when the specialist said Fibromylgia, I was thankful. I've done the pain pills, Lyrica, Wellburtin, Cymblia, finally, Savella has helped. Tins unit and pain meds helped alot. Finally, decided to listen to research on diet. I have NOT used my tins unit or taken a pain pill since the first of August!! Praise God!!! Have had a migraine and am dealing right now with a spell: shortness of breath, weakness and blurred vision. I got too hot few days ago and drank large diet soda, not sure if it affected this or not. Good luck to you.
  5. notenoughsleep

    notenoughsleep New Member

    No, you are not alone. I personally think that everyone else has felt the same way that you do. I did feel the same way and I was in denial for awhile also.
  6. princessfibro

    princessfibro New Member

    Everything you are feeling is exactly how I felt when I found out.

    Your relieved to know someone has finally detected what's wrong with you but know
    your completely shocked that you have Fibro.

    Seek a Specialist who specializes in Arthritis. Your M.D. will have to give you a

    I have tried 7 different medicines. Keep trying until One works for you.

    Find a support group. Talk to your family & friends. Church has been a huge
    support for me.

    My husband is my #1 Support System.

    Much Love to You,


  7. nickolu84

    nickolu84 New Member

    hello im nikki from michigan suffering with fibro too officially diagnosed at age 13 now im 26. I understand how overwhelming it is because even to this day i go thru it and the disease maddens me at times. Its hard cause ur friends family sig other dont exactly get how it is .I dont know u but feel ur pain and i wont sugarcoat it its not a walk in the park but we all gotta keep fighting back ....i wish u well hang in there ok
  8. nickolu84

    nickolu84 New Member

    hi agn also fyi...be careful diff meds they try u on i tried two in particular cymbalta an lyrica both made me super depressed and abt ruined my life so be careful.
  9. quesera456

    quesera456 New Member

    I found whey protein to be helpful
    and eating meat like roast beef, turkey and making sure on top of having meat I had my kidney beans. It really helped with pain and mood and muscles and overall body function.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    volleygirl was her only post. That was last September.

  11. odaopaat

    odaopaat New Member

    Just to let you know I felt the same way (Diagnosed Nov 2010), but you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will find the more people you talk with in stores / shops that there are more people out there that have Fibro than you would realize. Just in the shops I go into often I have talked with 2 people and just talking with them and expressing similar symptoms eases me knowing Im not alone in this big world.

    Hang in there, Read and Research about it. That has helped me as well.
    Good luck and I know it will be hard but your not alone.!!
  12. kisserkat

    kisserkat New Member

    I was diagnosed this past fall and totally understand how you are feeling right now. Although at the same time, it's good to finally get a diagnosis and have the dr's stop looking at me like i'm a hypochondriac (sp?). That is a big relief.
    You are NOT alone!!! I run into ppl all the time that have FM and their symptoms and pain run from mild to wild. Flairs come and go. The tricky part is finding the right combonation of medication and learning to cope. Also, letting yourself take care of YOU! That is a big one for me. I have 2 kids, a teen and a kindergardener and have to rely on my teen to help me out. Getting good sleep and letting yourself nap when you need too and not over doing your activities is key. The hardest thing i have found so far is getting ppl around me to understand what i'm goin thru. Most days we look just fine and nobody would know we are sick. But other days we feel so bad we can't get out of bed, and of course ppl don't see us then so they don't get it. They just think we are lazy. It is hard not to beat yourself up over their misunderstanding. But don't. Work closely w/ your dr. take care of yourself as best as you can, and don't worry about the rest. It is good that you found a support group so quickly, i just found it today. Gods Blessing on you. :)