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  1. UNREAL05

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    I just got diagnosed with FM on 12-08-05. I have been feeling pain for years but the doctors were having a hard time with my diagnosis. Since then I have a very hard time accepting to take all the medications that they are giving me. I have refused to take them. Im having a hard time accepting that I have FM. For the last couple of months I have been trough so many test and doctors trying to find a diffrent answer on how to deal with this. Is this normal for me to feel this way? Did anyone feel this way? Help!!

  2. minimonkey

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    Yes, Unreal, that is a completely normal response -- I think most of us went though something along those lines. I'm still going through some of that myself -- after 15 years of being in pain most of the time (and a bunch of other weird symptoms), it looks like FM is the only diagnosis that mostly fits. I'm still having trouble accepting that it won't magically go away some day....

    What meds do they have you on?
  3. UNREAL05

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    They started me on diclofenac 2x's a day for pain. Flexeril on a day as a muscle relaxer. I started them, but i stopped becuase I dont quite understand the long term effect that they have. I recently spoke to the Rheumatologist and Im quite sure he explained it to me, but everything seems so confusing!!! Im glad that it is normal to feel this way. Im having a had time dealing with it.

  4. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I have found the most comfort joining this group of wonderful people, I know you will too...

    I am sorry we have to meet due to these dd's but you will find all you need to get thru it right here...

    I am not surprised by the way you feel, esp. towards the meds...The doubt, the fear and especially the denial of having the diagnosis of FMS was a big issue for me and I am sure for many here...I remember crying when I was told last year knowing that I have something few have and even fewer understand or even think exists...

    I am gonna go now, having really bad day, just wanted to say hello and welcome to our "home"...


  5. UNREAL05

    UNREAL05 New Member

    Thanks for your support. It has been hard for me . I understand it is not going to go away.But I dont understand how you can have pain every day!!!I feel it gets in my way. Im not the same person I use to be. Im so tired. You said you lived with it for 5 years now? Does it get worst? I guess you learn to live with it, huh? I was just diagnosed, but I have had pain for many years.It has been really bad for the last year. It took doctors a along time to find out what was wrong with me. All that time I was with out meds. I feel that If I take them, they will cause other problems in the long run? Have you been on Meds for 5 years?Sorry to be asking alot,but my friends don't know I have FM. I really don't have no one to talk to ,im driving me poor husband insane. Hope to hear from you.

  6. UNREAL05

    UNREAL05 New Member

    Thanks for the welcoming me in. I hope you feel better. I understand about not feeling well.

    Just wanted to say Thanks!!
  7. Musica

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    Ask away! It is so good in these days and times to have message boards and the www to access for information and support. I can't imagine the isolation that people must have felt before with diagnoses like FM.

    My first big diagnosis was rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, I know people with RA who are on Diclofenac and they speak highly of it. Anyway, it was VERY difficult to accept that I had something I would never be cured of and could, at its worst, cripple me. Fortunately, meds have kept it in its place. It is QUITE normal to go through a grief type process while you adjust to having a chronic disease. For me, I always thought I was the picture of health until that diagnosis, although then I found I had sleep apnea and osteoporosis and didn't know it. However, you get what I mean? To go from hardly having a cold in years to having a chronic disease, then 2, then 3, and now probably early FM...

    It does get easier. At least to cope with. I hope you never get to a bad point, the severity does vary from person to person. I would encourage you to take the meds, though. The daily pain can get tiresome, and if you can get relief from it, please do. I would also suggest epsom salts baths with hydrogen peroxide, and hot baths/showers in general.

    Be okay with yourself if you get angry and sad about this illness - or even if you deny it for awhile. It won't be far from your mind or body, and things inside will still be working to accept the diagnosis and what you need to do to take care of yourself.

    Come here and read and write. This message board is a great source of information, inspiration and support. There are some amazing people here, who you wonder how they even get out of bed. They have a lot of strength, endurance and perseverance - characteristics you will need.
  8. minimonkey

    minimonkey New Member

    welcome to our board! It is great to have the support of all these folks who understand....

    Yes, it is a big adjustment to learn to live with daily pain -- it doesn't always get worse -- some people get better, others worse, some stay the same. You can read a lot on here about how to care for yourself to minimize pain and suffering.

    Lots of us have been living with it for years --- it is hard, but I find that my life is much better when I have proper pain relief medication.
  9. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    When I was first diagnoised I felt angry thinking the Doc's obiviously didn't know what they were talking about. Then I started reading everything I could find and realized that I did have Fibro. THEN....I went through the denial and the disbelief that I would have to deal with this pain for the rest of my life. We all believe we can go to a Doc and they will make us well. Not with this one. I still have days when I think I am unable to go on this way but.....hey I really have no choice. This feeling will come and go for you as far as I can tell.
  10. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    We have all been in the same boat.If they try to give you antidepressants it's not because they think you are depressed.It is to raise your seritonin level(we are low on this hormone)Accept the meds.It will help give you some quality of life.A chance to spend some good time with your significant other(and kids if you have them)Linda
  11. roseylisa

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    Welcome to the board. When I was first diagnosed they kept putting me on antiinflamatories which we all know has no effect on fibro. The best thing that helped me was they put me on neurontin(which is actually for seizures) to help me get in a deep sleep which they say fibros dont get and you will find out that when you do get that deep sleep the pain is better the next day. The neurontin also helps defer the pain somehow. I take vicodin when I have really bad flare ups.
  12. UNREAL05

    UNREAL05 New Member

    It's nice to hear from you.Looks like you had a couple of rough months also. Sorry to hear of your husband.I hope he is better.Thank you for writting back.How are you doing?

    Im 34yrs old and have a 15 yo boy and a 7yo girl.Im still working.You were right getting over the denial part is the 1st step to getting on with your life. I have now started my medications on a daily basis and it has helped a great deal. I sometimes still think that I'm not sick, but then reality hits. I get depressed and cry but I have learned that I have to take it day by day. That is what works for me. I had to prioritize alot and slow dowm alot. That was the hardest.Trying to concentrate has really been a challange for me. Im making stupid mistakes at work and becoming forgetfull.I get really tired at times but I go on. I also feel I have no choice. I feel that If I give up I will get worse.So I go on as best as I can. I recently have been getting an upset stomach, like I can't control when I have to go? what is that about? Do you have any of this problems.Like gas or I dont even know how to explain it.(sounds funny, huh?)I have great confort in your messages.Thank you, hope you write back.

  13. UNREAL05

    UNREAL05 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I totally agree with you.I tought the doctors where wrong and I kept changing doctors until I realize I had to accept it and move on.I also tried to read everything I could get my hands on about it.Like you said it comes and go, that's just what it does!

  14. UNREAL05

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    Well I'm not againts antidepressants, but you can become dependent on them.My sister in law has had FM for about 3 years and right when she was diagnosed they automatically put her on all this diffrents meds. Now she can't be without them, she can't even sleep if she doesn't take it. I see her and I don't want to be like her.I know it sounds dumb but she has changed alot.I know that everybody has diffrent levels of resistance but I beleive she has more pain than me whre she really needed it.When my family found out that I had FM... the first thing they said was not to take meds like her. Ever since then I take only for pain.I have decided to go on as much as I can with out sleeping aids and antidepressants. I feel good right now.I also found a good rheumatologist and a primary care doctor.Hopefully I will not need that right now maybe later in time. Im still learning to deal with this and you are right. Quality of life is important for me and my family. Thanks
  15. UNREAL05

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    Welcome to you, too!

    I wanted to let you know that I have started taking my meds. I found out that If I don't take them I feel worst.
    Yes, this message board has been a blessing. I can come in here and find answers to my questions. I has helped alot.When ever I feel alone or depressed I log in and find comfort. Take care of yourself.
  16. Sheila1366

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    I was hurting so very bad and once I had an answer and medication to get the pain under some kind of control I was thankful.Now I hat FM with a vengance but atleast i know the beast I am up against.My psych. asks me am I depressed since the FM has gotten so bad.I say some but I am mostly mad.I hate it.And to think this can be a life long things makes it even harder to except.

    You have every reason to doubt.Being told you have FM is not a good thing and cause alot of fear.When you are ready to get help through medication of more natural ways you will.Just educate yourself as much as possible and try not to panic.

    Hold on,give it time.
  17. krayon

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    Hi Unreal

    I have been diagnosed for 2 yrs now...
    When I first was diagnose I was atually relieved.. After 6yrs of being told that nothing was wrong with me or that I was having a allergic reaction to "something?".. because I was starting to beleive them.

    I am learning that this DD is ruthless and that the meds are the only relief I can get.

    The people on this board are a great, caring, and informative group.. I don't post much but just reading the posts here have helped me out greatly.

    So welcome to the board and I hope you get all information and support you need.

    ~ *Karen* ~
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  18. krayon

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