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    HI- My name is Kerrie. I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with FMS about 6 months ago. My current medication regimen is Elavil 25 mgs at bedtime. I am going to add my profile to your board and hope that you will welcome me into it. I am so relieved to find such a nice board to share stories and information. Thanks! -Kerrie
  2. Carina

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    Welcome Kerrie,

    Thank God you found this site so early in your diagnosis. There are so many wonderful and supportive people here. I can tell you that I have recieved priceless help here.

    I have body-wide FMS. Some of the things that have helped me were:

    Flexeril for muscle cramping

    Elminating All potatoes from my diet along with eggplant, and limiting peas and beans, tomatoes and cucumbers (without seeds).

    Eat or drink an apple product a day
    for malic acid

    Physical therapy, going very slowly starting at 4 reps per exercise and walking 3 mins a day. I got up to walking 8 mins a day, on level land and 14 reps per exercise over the course of 7 weeks.

    Using a bubblemat in the tub that has a heater 2 times a week. I got it through my pharmacy.

    Taking an extensive amount of vitamins, minerals and CoQ 10.
    I was insistant that the doctor keep an eye on my blood levels.

    Gentle stretching before getting out of bed and whenever I had to be sitting or standing for an extensive period of time.

    Pacing myself throughout the day, taking breaks even if I felt I didn't need one.

    Limiting doing launry to one load a day OR cleaning one room in the house a day.

    I had been taking serezone but have had to discontinue due to the doctor did not keep an eye on my liver enzymes. Also I had to cut down on the flexeril, at least for now. I am having a hard time right now but working with another doctor and a pych nurse, and reading this board to keep my spirits up, I know that better days may very well be ahead for me for me.
    Welcome, Kerrie.
    Soft hugs to you,

  3. Carina

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    I forgot to put on my list of helps
    trigger point release massages. This has been most helpful. I also use a Theracane between the massages. The theracane address can be obtained through a physical therapist.

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    Hi Kerrie, welcome to our world! You are most welcome here, we are glad you found us.

    Will be looking forward to your profile too.

    Just stopped to welcome you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    to everyone who replied back to me. It made me feel very welcome. Carina, thanks for the list of all of your various treatments. I think I will copy them down for future use and to discuss with my doctor. I was wondering how long you have carried this diagnosis?