Just Diagnosised with Fibro...need help

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  1. aldejavu79

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    I am a 26 year old very healthy female, whom for the past month have been in pain. I was told that i had the flu, then i had strep throat, then they thought that i had pnuemonia, finally last monday i was having such bad chest pain off to the er i went. After 12 hours in the er they diagnosised me with pericarditisis, and pulmonary hypertension. Then going to the cardiologist that same week, he found nothing wrong with my heart, and said i was great. Ugh , i was upset not to figure out what was wrong. Finally yesterday, my primary doctor examined me and diagnosised me with fibromylagia. The pain is bad, like terrible growing pains. I am out of work, and am very very upset. I don't know what to do!! The doctor also did bloodwork for lymes, lupus and hepatitis. Please any help or words of encouragement would be great. I live in philadelphia!!

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    It sounds very familiar, Allie, all of us have been "jerked around" by doctors then finally diagnosed. Sounds like they just throw out an FM diagnosis whenever they can't figure out what's wrong, doesn't it?? I'm so glad he tested for Lyme disease, it seems a lot of people here have Lyme.
    Since you have been diagnosed with FM, you will have to start paying attention to your levels of pain and fatigue and stop whatever you are doing and rest nomatter where you are to avoid aggrevating it. Also, avoid getting chilled because this will also cause your muscles to tense up. Get as much rest as you can, remove as much stress from your life as possible. Most of us have resigned to the fact that our house will not usually be "show ready".

    I hope you have a good doctor who listens to you and is willing to help you with whatever meds you may decide would help. Most don't know how to treat FM, there is no one set protocol (if they have one at all).

    Usually they start out with an antidepressant, which doesn't mean you are depressed, they just help with the serotonin levels which helps the pain in some cases.
    They are not all the same, so use the search engine here to decide which ones you are willing to take or not.

    As far as pain meds goes, you probably already know that the standard over the counter ones don't do much. The prescribed ones I have tried either have made me gain weight or have caused nausea and dizziness. The ER doc told me that if I continued to take one of them I would end up with a bleeding ulcer, also.

    The meds I take are: Cymbalta 30mg per day, Lunesta 3mg per night, Prohealth multi vitamin (fibro complete) and Adrenal Energy. Midrin for migranes when necessary. I drink a green drink every day with 1T of flaxseed and eat
    plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid sugar and white flour, caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and processed foods.

    I welcome you to this board, and hope you will continue to ask questions and search for answers.
    LOL and Hugs, Nanna
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    Hope4Sofia New Member

    I'm sorry for your experience and for the diagnosis. I was also just diagnosed (I'm 32). It has been an overwhelming experience. I just posted "Help, I'm overwhelmed...". It might help you to read some of the responses people gave me for getting used to this new life. It gave me so much comfort and I hope it will comfort you as well.

    Much compassion,

  4. Cromwell

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    Well, yes, it could be FM, usually most of us don't get dx at one month, but it could be you have a very good doctor. Have you been tested for mono? You can get reemergent mono that has all of the characteristics you describe. I would ask for a mono screen as you may have a swollen spleen if you do have mono.

    Also, a warning about LYme test, the broad screen for this is useless and misses Lyme 90% of the time.

    What made the doctor conclude it was FM? as mostly they want to see the tender spots and pain for a little longer period, as many viral diseases are a lot like FM. Some doctors will just say FM to get you out of the office too.

    I don't say this to put you off, but rather than feel you are condemned to such a long lasting chronic illness as FM, that you are so new in that hopefully it could be something else the Doctor is missing. Which would be great news, as I would not wish FM on my worse enemy, well maybe a few politicians, but.....

    Write back wiht the tests doctor ran to confirm FM. It could be early days. Did you have a recent flu shot? You could have a mild GB disease, and you need to be tested for that as it can worsen.

    As above said, that is good protocol, plus baths in Epsom salts(at least half the big box) can help sooth the pain. So sorry you are suffering and had such a scary wrong dx re the heart.

    Love Anne
  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Wow!! I must say,..you were DX very quickly!!

    I mean, you could very well have Fibro but your dr. DX it fast! I was ill with problem after problem for almost 2 yrs before someone gave me a name for all this!!
    (and 5 drs. later)

    What do you think? have you read alot about FM and does it fit your symptoms?
    My biggest complaint is everyday overall body pain.
    I don't mean,..oooh my arms sore and it goes away after rest or in a day or 2.
    I'm talking very bad body aches like you have phuemonia
    bad enough to be admitted to the hospital!! and it NEVER goes away. (12 yrs) you continue on with your life pretending to be ok with the fact that you feel like death~ Many times I feel they're missing something.
    neck aches,headaches,hip pain,legs ache like I've walked disney world !! lol
    anyways~ I hope the drs. are wrong in your DX.
    This is a horrible diease to have.
    Best of luck!
    Tandy :)

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