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    Hi new to this board looking really for people who i know will understand. It was over 10 years ago now a private doctor told me i had ME (cause of course my GP said that it didnt exist and i had to go private when at 16 i was collapsing when awake and sleepin the rest of the time). then they start making links at gp surgery telling me i had depression, putting me on anti depressants etc . so i used to say i was one of the lucky ones and i got better on my own, no drugs, and my symptoms were nearly non existant (other than the low immune system night cramps and development of IBS) so i saw myself asrelatively lucky. i also never really got the whole connection with depression. then this year happened. I am a student teacher who sailed through 3 years of placements and uni work before in my final year i met my match in the form of a nasty little school with nasty little teachers. my confidence just disappeared and eventually i put the final nail in my own coffin and failed as i could not longer focus, wasnt eating, had no fight left in me. really all i wanted to do by the end was get a long lie! so now after some other downright crappy luck this year i am now one week away from my first assessment on my resit placement and all i want to do is sleep. my bones ache, my head is fuzzy and im struggling to remember anything, this is not great when i have a moutains worth of paperwork to do. i seriously feel i dont have a hope in hell and its all a vicious cycle where im so angry that my ME symptoms are back, which i now see wait ive been depressed for 4/5 months so theres that link, and i want to fight back and prove i can do this but i just dont have the energy to do so.
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    Hi Linzlu - you might check out this post, it has a lot of good information:

    Also, Dr. Sarah Myhill has a very good website with a ton of info about proper diet and supplements when dealing with CFS/ME.

    Depression has been linked to low omega 3 fatty acids - people who are low in omega 3s tend to be depressed so taking fish oil, flaxseed oil etc. may help. Also a lot of people are helped by 5-htp or l-tryptophan, amino acids which help the brain produce serotonin, but you shouldn't take these together with anti-depressant drugs as you may develop serotonin syndrome, too much serotonin, which can be dangerous.

    I don't think there's one simple answer for you,, but I do think there's help. Your IBS could be linked to wheat or gluten sensitivity, or dairy too, lots of options there. I've found for me I've got to take care of my diet, I take folate (not folic acid, which is synthetic and many people have difficulty converting to a form useable by the body), methlcobalamin B12 and several other supplements.

    Also sufficient vitamin D is necessary and low vitamin D is linked to depression. So is low thyroid.

    It's complicated, and I think the best thing is to tackle one thing at a time and read as much as you can. You will know more than your doctors - most of them know nothing about CFS/ME and will just hand out antidepressant drugs.

    Also you should have your adrenals checked. A good test is the adrenal stress index test, takes 4 saliva samples during the day/evening so you can see how your cortisol levels rise and fall, very important information, better than a blood test which only takes one sample during the day.

    If you have access to an integrative medicine MD, that would be your best bet, they should check all this.

    Best wishes,

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    Firstly do a lot of relaxation. Whatever relaxes you, hot baths, walks, music. Do take the time out because the stress of deadlines will increase the ME symptoms, particularly memory. I know this seems hard when the pressure is on but it does help. I have advised students under exam pressure for years about this. The more relaxed you stay the better your memory, the better your sleep and less your fatigue will be.

    Secondly, take the critical supplements for this time, ie:
    vitamin B12 sublingual 1mg daily
    If you can get it, DHEA 100mg AM and 100mg early PM. (DHEA is an anxiolytic and will assist your memory by reducing emotionality)
    Magnesium citrate or glycinate, 400mg daily

    You can take others if you want but at this stage these are the most important and can produce quick results.

    All the best.
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    Great advice ianh in fact ill think ill copy a lot of your regimen.
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    Hi Linzlu,

    Just wanted to send you a message letting you know I feel for you and the situation you find yourself in right now. I hope things will work out and you will do better than you currently feel you might do. Sending you a hug.