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    I have been in pain for 13 years it started when I was pregnant. The baby came the pain staid. I have been talked about by family and ex- lovers. They say I not motavatied, that im lazy , faking etc. I have no help. My son is handdicapped. He does what he can to help. My 14 year old daghter is just I dont know what to say about her. On days when I cant get out of bed she stays in bed to. She helps around the house but never finishes her task. which mean I have to noty only clean but finish what she dosnt. I know its hard on my kids to have a sick mom. But I do what ever I can for them. I wont to run away sometimes. I took a little job it lasted for a week and I have been to the emergency room twice for that and now social security is trippin. I,m not supposed to work at all. But I have bills that have to be payed. I just dont know why its so hard to get some help.?
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    Well My x-husband was the same way. When i was out of whack hed be out of whack to. I dont know what it is. But sometimes i think that we are the back bone of the family and when we are out of it , it throws the whole unit out of whack. And our famil just dosnt know what to do. Before my Divorce, we talked about my good days and my bad ones. And I ask him to please be my helper. I told him how it makes me nervouse for the house to get out of order. How when I am feeling better that its so destroyed that it takes for ever to get it back right. And then I have another flaire up from all the work it toke to repair our home. Wich means waiting for my body to repaire its self, means no sex. For days. He got it.