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    I've been lurking around the CFS board for a while. I got my CFS diagnosis a while back (I got sick in November 2007). Now my IGeneX results are in, along with my CD57.

    The IGeneX IgG and IgM are both positive (despite what the CDC might argue), and my CD57 is a whopping 25.

    Along with the Lyme, I've got the the usual suspect co-infections---high EBV titers, high HHV6 titers, positive for C. pneumoniae, yeast overgrowth. My HPA axis is no doubt all out of whack, given my symptom set.

    So now I get to add Lyme to the list of infections. Imagine my excitement.

    Sigh. But I'm glad to have found a doc who specializes in both CFS and Lyme, and I've got confidence in him thus far. And it's good to know all of the nasty things I'm up against.

    We're going after the Lyme and yeast first (the C. pneumoniae will be knocked out by the Lyme abx), and then we'll look at the viral and other issues. Hopefully my immune system will have rebuilt some and be able to start dealing with the viral stuff on its own.

    I'm new at all of this. I'd come to accept the CFS dx. I'd done all the reading and explained to my friends what was going on. Now I've got a lot more research to do and a lot more explaining.

    I'm glad to have a community here that understands. Thanks in advance.


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