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    I am pretty excited to be doing this, it feels like a new phase of acceptance, a whole new world for me as I am from the advertising & marketing world, I did a lot of research & discovered that for me one called med tec is the best, value, time spent, they have the most thorough course for less $$$ than some of the others.


    Here we gooooooooooooooo

    I will start it as soon as my debit card gets cleared, should be in the next day or two.

    ON that website, medtec, they have a comparison of 6 of the larger companies doing the training and I looked at them all very closely, I just hope I made the right chouce, also, I have 3 issues of the Journal of Med Trans magazine and it is filled with good info, looks like quite a large field, can anyone here give a realistic ballpark figure of what can make working 4 hrs a day???

    That would be about 1 hours work for a normal person equal to 4 hours for us.

    Heee heeee

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    Jaci, Please give a bit more information. This sounds like some at home work? I'd like to know more!
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    Please E-mail me the info on the program you are enrolled in. Also I was wondering if it is all at home or is some of it in the classroom. I ask because I am overseas.

    PLease E-mail me at nktigger99@yahoo.com

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    I hope this works out well for you. I was a transcriptionist for (I forget exactly) over 15 years, in hospital, dr. office, and at home. Be VERY careful who you work for. Very often they will give you outlandish quotas of work to be done in a certain amount of time. I was very good at what I did and loved it; but trying to do the at home thing nearly did me in. It's not an easy thing UNLESS things have drastically changed in the last few years. I really don't want to bring you down and almost didn't post this; but I don't want you to be disappointed. Maybe things are different now and I really hope they are. Good luck to you Sweetie...really. It's a very interesting profession and I loved it.
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    I am a medical transcriptionist, and I am not here to discourage you. Not in the least. The field needs GOOD people.

    What is you goal, to work from home? Have you visited the Medical Transcription Service sites to see what qualifications they are asking for in a potential employee?

    If you are paid by the line, of course, what you produce will determine what you make. Most services operate by production. If you work in one specific speciality, say psychiatric, you can come up to speed rather quickly. If you work in a hospital setting (services have hospitals as clients)it takes three to five years to come up to speed in all specialties.

    If you are looking for a job with benefits, those jobs tend to be with companies who are looking for the qualified transcriptionist. If that is not an immediate issue with you and you want to learn, enjoy paying attention to detail, can sit in front of a computer for long periods of time (that's a tough one for me) not get frustrated with docs who yawn, eat, sneeze and cough right through their dictation, the job may be for YOU! It is fascinating in many respects.

    I work 24 hours a week in a hospital, enjoy many aspects of my work, and am very discouraged with others.

    For instance, those in the medical transcription field have seen hospitals dump their in-house transcriptionists to hire outside services from India who offer cheap rates. Now least you think-anyone can do the job if foreign companies can provide the service---we had a transcriptionist (from India )living in the States now, with two four-year college degrees--apply for a position with us.

    So we who have been in the business are wondering if we are going to have jobs in five years.

    Medical documentation is SO important, and it is crucial to the patient the report is correct. There is a lot of sloppy work out there now, we need people who care and take the time to transcribe accurately. Notice now, though,the emphasis is on amount, not accuracy.

    Sorry,not trying to discourage you, just,if you have not thoroughly investigated, go into this with eyes opened. Fondly, June

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    From what I hear in this area, medical transcribers can pretty much work as many hours as they like. I have considered this. My SIL works for a community college in the Denver Area which offers an online course which is supposed to be very good, one of the best. The school is Arapahoe Community College. My daughter is doing the online course and thinks very highly of it.

    I am trying to get myself well enough to go back to work outside the house as I'm tired of being home and need to interact with other people face to face. I love sales, but it is hard and stressful work, so I don't know whether I'll return to it or not.

    Love, Mikie
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    My hospital will not interview a transcriptionist without experience, the last I knew Medquist does not either. It is NOT impossible, but difficult for a newbie to get experience. Certainly there are niches newbies can fit into and gain experience. There should be more opportunites, but I think this is one reason off-shore companies have been able to work their way in. Hospitals have NO time to train. Fondly, June
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    Ahh yes, when my children were younger and I had more energy, we needed more than my 24 hour pay check for college-bound kids. So I did start my own service at home and had a couple of people working for me. I had to keep the 24-hour hospital-based job for the benefits namely health insurance.

    I have to say, the home-based service is what gave me the most satisfaction. My clients/doctors were thrilled and gave so much positive feed back.

    We only have one doc at the hospital who, when he appreciates an H&P or DS transcribed perfectly, calls our department to thank the transcriptionist. One in about 400, what odds. Make a mistake though..........

    When I took my M-I-L in she was 24/7 care, and I had to give up the service. The youngest was still in college, in his last year. I do miss it but have no energy to resume.
    Fondly, June
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