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    Do you ever just feel "off"? For the past 3 weeks I have had a mild headache, mild stomachache and am tired. I have no motivation to do anything even though I don't feel that horrible. It's a real uneasy feeling. I am not on any meds right now so I know it can't be that. I have a prescription for Lyrica and everytime I get up the courage to take it, my flare up goes away and I don't need it. Maybe it's time to start . . .
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    good way to describe it! I get that just not ok feeling also the uneasy.

    not sure what it is. I tried Lyrica not for me but I hope if you start it works great.
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    do you have CFS or FIBRO or both??several years ago, i had been real sick with both, then went thru a sort of remission. then after about 6 months i got this uneasy feeling, can't explain it, it was wierd.then the heart started going wacko, then everything fell apart, i was so severly sick for a couple of months, i was hospitalized twice for severe dehydration cause i was continuously throwing up for almost a month! they did all kinda blood tests, scoped my stomache, and didnt find much. i lost about 45 lbs in just a couple months. needless to say that was the worst flare i have ever had to date.i thought i was going to die!!!

    have you ever tried Lyrica before??? i so hope your not about to hit a brick wall with a bad flare. Please Please, watch your stress level, take it easy dont over do on the physical stuff, if you have a good Dr. let them know whats going on,

    Maybe the lyrica would stop a bad flare, i cant give you much info on that med, although i have taken Neurontin,(lyricas sister) the first time i was on it, it helped the pain some, after years of being off it, i tried it again, this time it didn't help at all.

    listen to your body!! somethings going on, good luck & talk to your Dr.