Just Feeling Like No One Gives A Hoot!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ellie5748, May 8, 2003.

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    I can't believe I'm saying this. I just feel so low today and don't know what to do. I'm close to tears. Forget it. I am crying. I know that there is alot of support on this board, but I guess it's just lack of support on the homefront. My husband keeps ragging on me about all the meds I take, and I have explained to him over and over what each med is for. I had a breakdown when my father died ten yrs. ago, and I was on "the 4th floor", for two wks. The shrink had me so screwed up on phyc. drugs, I was a walking zombie for months. Was hospitalized again six months later, and another DR. had me off all meds in three days. It was a slow walk back, but I know I'll never be in that spot again. My FM has gotten to the point where I can't do what I want to and sometimes my husband gets disgusted.He chooses to stay ignorant with this DD, but other times, does what I am unable to, and tells me to relax. He just confuses me to the point of tears and the stress is no good. We've been married for almost 33 yrs. and I just want to make him understand. I'm sure it's because he can't fix me, and I know that it drives him nuts. Sorry for such a long rant, but I guess I feel a little better. Thanks for being here.


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    I am the other "Ellen" here. Don't see this name too often, so am always surprised when I do. I see that you are pretty new, too, so just want to welcome you here. I hope you will find this message board a warm and comforting place as I have. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed the encouragement I have received.

    I think you will find that most of us here have our low points and times when everything just seems so hopeless. But why wouldn't we feel this way when we are dealing with a disease for which there is no cure, we look okay on the outside so many people don't really believe we are sick, we deal with pain and exhaustion every day and live with the uncertainty of not knowing how we are going to feel from one day to the next or even one hour from the next.

    Yes, I think you are right about your husband is probably feeling frustrated since he can't "cure" you. Men in general want to solve a problem and it's very frustrating for them (and us, too) when this isn't possible. It does sound like that he is supportive at times. In the beginning my husband wasn't always as supportive as he could have been, but I think it was that before I got FM, I had endometriosis (three surgeries) and had a heart condition (which has now been corrected by surgery), plus I had skin cancer (basal cell-the least serious). So he's had to be really supportive for years and I am sure that being human, there are times when he just gets tired of having me lean on him. I try to remember not to do this all the time. There are times when he is having a hard time and I need to be there for him, too.

    I was able to get my husband to do some reading on FM. Maybe you could get your husband to come on this message board and see what is happening here? This might give him an idea of how many people have FM and other auto-immune diseases and the struggles we all face each day.

    I know this hasn't solved your problem, but I hope it has made you feel better and that there are people who definitely care, and as you know, we here certainly understand. We all walk in the same shoes here.

    Ellen Comstock