just found out am pregant and hiv positive...

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    hi everyone, afew weeks ago i found out that i was pregant and very happy about it but as usual pregnant women have to do blood tests and its when my results come back that i was hiv postive i was very shocked and i just felt like the earth had opened up into 2 for me to be swallowed i am now 20 wks pregnant and taking some tablets kaletra and combivir,i still havent come to terms about my condition and my worry is that i pray that i dont transmit this virus to the baby, any + woman who has given birth to - baby plse talk to me.i am so stresses
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    Congratulations on being pregnant. I hope you will ask your doctor questions because he/she is a good resource for answers. There is an AIDS board on here that is very good, and I hope you will trust them to post about this there. I think you might be able to get some support and answers there too. Good luck.
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    Hi Lorrine,
    Congrats on being PG. Get a good HIV doc, and yes with the right drugs they can keep your baby from getting HIV. The HIV care is very excellant these days. They now consider it more of a chronic condition that can be controlled. Not only can you have your baby, but you'll be raising him/her. I think you'll be less stressed when you get a good doc.

    My prayer's are with you and the babe. Please don't dispare.