Just found out I have raynauds phenomenon

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jofla, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. jofla

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    was just dx with raynauds. Now back to do more blood tests.He is testing me for lupus, ra and ra profile (what is the difference), ana, b12, folate. Has put me on neuronting, i actually filled it but am afraid to take it although the side affects don't seem to be that bad, but still.....so what next? What does it mean to have raynauds? I know that it is part of fibro, he also said that it is not life threatning unless you have ra. I have started taking a multi vitamin but am wondering if i should take more magnesium. wonder what it would feel like to be normal again. Thank you for anyones input. Jo
  2. Dogtired

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    Hi Jofla,
    I have it too. Doctors just say 'live with it, keep warm' (oh, thanks!).
    Anyhow, could not live without my Hot Socks (old tube socks filled with dry rice and microwaved. Place on cold feet/hands = heaven).
    It is an annoyance to have numb, white toes in 70 degree weather...
    Best of luck,
    Kristi :)
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    I have them all..Lucky me!! Try the neuronting, it may work for you. I have found most drugs have side effects. I am glad you are taking multi vitamin.. Take care.. Good Luck... Teri