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  1. lin21

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    Hi everyone,

    I am so upset I just heard that my LTD was denied. This was my first appeal.
    They are still going on that damn ortho doctors comments way before I was diagnosed with this DD and they said my MRI's were normal and my rheumie ordered aerobic exercise.
    I am shaking I'm so upset, I can't believe that this is happening.
    Any help any of you can give is very much appreciated.

  2. phenom

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    hi lin, i'm not sure exactly what LTD is (am gonna assume its like SSD/SSDI or DSP if your an aussie like me), but i'm sorry you've been denied. keep fighting! i was lucky enough to win on first appeal, but there are others on this site who have been fighting for YEARS! do a search through the messages (is underneath the message board and view posts buttons) and you'll find heaps. only recently some really good advice was given about what the people look for - effect of the disorder, not the actual diagnosis. good luck with it all, sending good vibes your way!

  3. lin21

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    It's long term disability from my ex-employer. Since I have been out of work since July with this, I became eligible for this insurance since October. I was sure it going to go through this time.
    Oh, don't worry they are going to see some fight out of me. First I was upset but now I'm angry. It may take any other 45 days but I'm going to give them hell.

  4. Geralyn

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    Hi Lin!

    I fairly new to the site but saw your message. I also had long term disability with my ex-employer. They requested that i file for disability payments with the social security (Feds) Anyway long story short, I did eventually get benefits from SSD but I lost the benefits from the ex-employee after about two years. I would suggest you continue to appeal and also think about filing for payments through SSD. I lost the first time around, but got them the second time I appealed. Good Luck to you. Just keep trying. You will eventually get benefits.

  5. Mikie

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    LTD sounds so good until one tries to collect. I think they are worse than SSD. When I worked in the insurance dept. of a big clinic, we had patients who were terminally ill and the damned LTD would make them come in like children with notes for the docs to sign stating that they should stay on LTD.

    One guy yelled, "I'm gonna die; how much more disabled can I get!" It was just plain demeaning what they put people through.

    Again, I am so sorry.

    Love, Mikie
  6. bluebirder

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    I have to rely on God to get me through this. Sounds like it has been rough for most of you.If you have been through so much there is probably no way I will get it.Just need to survive through other stresses in life while going through this process.

    I even disclosed to them I am doing odd jobs and that hubby is working on top of retirement but they didn't put that on the paper they sent me to sign. Tried calling them but no response yet. I can't sign a lie. That just isn't me. I have to make them correct it first. Don't want to be denied down the road because of signing an incorrect form now.

    I will wish you luck in your next appeal. Keep prayers or fingers crossed or whatever you do on my behalf.

    I'm going to look at it this way: I will fight for it but try to do as much for myself as I can. I'd rather do things for myself than rely on this silly system.
  7. lin21

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    This is what I've done so far. Sent letters to all my doctors for copies of my files. Called my rheumie who I am waiting to hear from as I write this.
    This is such a mess because of that witch in the Ortho's office writing back in October that I could sit and they keep going back to tbat. She lied and now I found out she does even work there anymore. They keep misinterpeting everything that these doctors are saying.
  8. lin21

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    Thanks for all this information. I have come to the point of hiring attorney sometime next week. In the meantime I have sent letters to all my Doctors & p.t. for copies of my files and I have requested letters from all of them to state my case. Hopefully , I will have all this shortly and be able to hand it over to the lawyer.
    THe sad part of this is since I've heard this news I've been a terrible flare and my condition has worsened (I didn't think it could get much) worse . So now I can't even move maybe that will help my LTD case.
  9. jeanderek

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    Thanks for the reply to my post "Disability letter" I have been frustrated all week too since I found out. Although I had it in my mind that I was going to be turned down since this was my first application it does make me angry for the things that was said in the letter, they acknowledge that I am sick but no sick enough to thier standards which is a crock!! I know your frustration, I have been working all week long on getting my journal of my Daily pains and problems typed up to give to my lawyer as well as letters from friends and family to help prove my case. I am stubborn and I don't give up which they will find out shortly lol. I hope that things work out for you, we are all in the same boat and SSD better learn not to rock it to hard!! I wish you all the best and thanks again for the encouragement and keep fighting!!

  10. lin21

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    Thanks for the kind words. I just received the written denial today and began working on it. I'll wait until Monday to get out faxes and letters to the Doctors. I feel the same way, this insurance company is in for some ride with me, they may make me wait but I'm not stopping until I win this case. I also called my old company and told them I needed a copy of the policy and when they asked me why, I said because of a lawsuit with the insurance company and possibly one with the company. They didn't know what to say.
    Good luck
    Keep in touch!!!
  11. poodlemommy

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    Hi Geralyn. I was just wondering why you lost your long term disability after 2 years. I was accepted for my LTD in Jan 2003 . Just would like to keep a heads up so I was curious why you lost it 2 years later. Any input you have would be helpfull. You can even email me at poodlemum@rogers.com
    I appreciate you time on this.
  12. lin21

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    Did you have a hard time getting your LTD? I am about to start my second appeal. I think mine was screwed up because I had knee surgery in Sept. and the woman in the Doctor's office wrote false statements on the initial form and mailed it without me or the Doctor seeing. Now they keep going back to that statement, so I contacted him and told him he has to write a strong detailed letter stating exactly the state of my condition and all the particulars. He has no problem doing this because he knows she really messed up and I believe he has fired her. It's just unfortunate that I've been waiting since october and I'm financially and emotionally drained at this. From all this stress my condition has worsened over the past week and now I've been having daily migraines.