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    hi my name is john, i am new to all this, but not to the pain, mine is in my legs, ancles, butt, and lower back, and my liver, and it's all the time, on a 1-10 most of the time about a 3-4 everyday, at times 7-8 did not know what this was or is called, i have another problem i have hep-c soo i assumed that was the cause, i feel soo tired all the time even after a nights sleep, that is on the norm about 5-6 hours, but always in pain, oh and even my arms, it seems to be getting worse, the last time i told a doctor i was told to take asprin, and tylanol, and both being bad on the liver, and i have done this for soo long it does not work, about 2 yrs now, well tomorrow i go to another doc, i just hope i can get some help, as i live in a small town, and alot of the doc,s are funny about giveing out pain pillsi have been takeing loratab #10 but that does not work anymore, what to do ??? please anyhelp ?? i am up too 3 aday any advice ?? thank's john p.s. i am affraid if i tell the new doc, he won't help, but i have to as i just can't take it ' what to do ??
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    Hi, I am new to this board too, but like you, not to pain and illness. Sorry I can't help with the medication side, I live in NZ and we seem to have different names to drugs so it can get quite confusing. You would think by now someone would have come up with 'pain relief patches' so that you could receive pain relief without burdening the liver.

    I know how you feel about new doctors, my doctor has left for another town so I met my new one last week. And I was really worried.. So I wrote a list of things I wanted to discuss, change of medication etc. And I went in there, said hi my name is Donna, I have been chronicly ill for 12yrs with M.E(cfs) fibromyalgia and cluster migraine syndrome. "Have you treated any patients with these conditions"?

    -Figured I would find out who I was dealing with straight away!! I then started with my most urgent problem and worked my way down my list - also had a list of what I have tried before and reacted badly to so that I didn't get something i had tried before and then not realise it till i got home!! (done that before!).

    Although we didnt get through it all- we ran out of time!
    But she felt even though she doesn't know alot about these syndromes yet, she wants me to forward her information and she will see what she can find. Cant ask for better than that?

    I hope your trip to the dr goes well and if you can be straight up, tell him how much pain your in, your liver problems and take any letters or results with you to show that you are totally interested in your own welfare, and if you can do a research on pain medication that is easy on the liver, print out the info and take that too. I found for me if i go in armed - even if it is only a few bits of paper, it's harder for them to sweep me under the carpet with go home and take a few panadol, it'll go away!!

    The things we have to do to get a little respect from the medical proffession!!! wishing you all the best and hope to see you back here.
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    welcome to this board! You will find so much info here, along with understanding and compassion. Like you, all of us here are in pain and exhaustion. I know a lot more will welcome you with some time.

    I am up later than usual, and about to lay my tired and weary body down. I just wanted to say welcome. It sounds like you are making a good choice in changing MD's. I hope the one you see tomorrow does a better job for you. Hugs, Tam
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    I am also extending a fast and warm welcome to you! Please see what I wrote to John, as I am sure others will also welcome you! Hugs, Tam
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    WELCOME TO THE MESSAGE BOARD. You will find a lot of support here. John, be honest with your new doctor tomorrow and tell him/her what you have been through and that you are truly in pain.

    Hopefully your new doctor can and will help you get some relief. Sure hope you are feeling better real soon. AGAIN WELCOME!!!!!!

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    Hi John:

    welcome, hopefully you will begin to find some answers here from many members. all of us are so unique, what works for one may not for another. Due to the Hep C dx I would be really cautious about meds, as you already know your liver is compromised. Have you talked to your docttor and pinned down a FMS/CFS/MPS dx. Some of your pain in the legs sound like it could be FMS and MPS which stands for Myofascial pain syndrome, do you have knots in your upper legs, near your hips or knees. if so this could explain some of your pain.

    If you are afraid to talk with your doctor, bring along a friend or other support system. Someone who has seen you in pain and can help. Also make out a list of your pain/fatigue and using the list identify which one is the most difficult to deal with. The library on this site is very good, you may want to check out articles. Also the Fibromyalgia alliance (FMA) has a website that anyone can use.

    Hopefully, this has helped. all of us know that this can be frustrating and difficult. But what do have to lose but the pain... Talk to your doctor.

    In health,


    ps let us know how you are doing, we are here for each other.
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    Welcome. I am fairly new here also. I have Hep-c and FM. DX w/ fm 6 mo ago. I have my gastro dr, ruemy dr, and pcp. I too thought the fatigue and pain was from Hep-c but my pcp is quite a gal and referred me to ruemy.

    Although we are still working on what will work "best" for my pain and fatique, it seems the ruemy wants to get depression and sleep under control, very little pain med for now.

    So, good luck to you, do your research and see the Dr.

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    Hi to all you new people. I'm not that old here myself.
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    Welcome to the board. Lots of nice people here who can share experiences, jokes, info, etc.

    You might want to look at the post titled "What has helped Me" which is currently on page one.

    Good luck.