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    then you posted. I don't know what I will eat as most of my diet consists of carbs amd bread etcI have not really ren the diet, but am now starting a Dr chaing as I have had to have 5 pints of blood since Feb, kind of scary.

    We cannot find the sourse, so onto a heatolistis (sp) It will cost plenty as I do not have my status adjusted yet, does anyone know how that can be done periodically?

    I am so digusted feeling bad for years, and I keep falling, and hurting me, then it is from square one to walk across the floor.

    Pray for me will get some answers, as I don't see any, as most of dietary indications that are required I cannot tolerate as I have had half my stomach removed and therefore it has eliminated a lot of things I could eat, and loved. So next stop is gastroenterologist and maybe4 more surgery.

    My husband has been a jewel and I scream at his at times, and then hate it because he is getting older too and is hurting and feeling the age, and trying to keep up and take care of me. It is just aggravating when I start to depend on him, when I have never done that with anyone, and then he is off clear on the other side of the state playing golf with him deeming I must be okay that day. It is so discouragiong as I never know when I can depend on him therefore, don't and then get in trouble.

    Well guys have not checked the board for a long time, vacation to see my wonderful looking and darling grandchildren. They are in TX we visited for a month, supposed to be longer, but we were both ready to come home. for a month and I am so lonely.

    I wanted to stay down there and make sure that all my medical problems were checked out and if I had to have surgery could be with a Dr that had good experiecne. My daughter lives in Dallas, and I have friends all over the place. I hate the day I did not research the first suregery more as i6t was supposed to be the answer and her 8 yrs old still is not and this getting older is not being aceptable by me or my body. I hate it but only opportunity at least that I know of is death which at times really doesn't aound too bad, not suicide, would not and could not do that, but I have prayed, Lord take me hom, I am tired.

    All have a great day anad talk to you later.

    Lovein you all Hubby