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    Dear Members,

    I have suffered with Fibromyalgia since 1994. Drs. have overlooked my pain and just given me Tylenol #4; DarvocetN100; and Motrin 600. Today I was given Neurotin 300mg. I've been reading up on this and have heard that Neurotin is for seizures. My Dr. said that this would relieve my pain. I don't like to take medications that take away my ability of control. Has anyone had this experience with Neurotin? Has anyone experienced, "hangover"? Is this the usual first time dosage? I sometimes feel as if I should be using a walker. The pain (including burning sensations in my thighs and shoulders) is excrutiating. I also have borderline Rheumatoid Arth. This year I turned 51. I have been suffering with pain since I was 7 years old. I am so grateful that I came across this site. It is so comforting to know that other can identify with what I am going through. I just wish we didn't have this in common.
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    I was just given the medication last week. I feel the same as you do about medications. If you search for Neurontin on this site you will get a lot of information on it.
    Because I was scared to start a new medication the dr. started me on a very low dose of 100 mg. and then work up from there. The pain is not gone but it has definately taken the edge off. I hope it works for you. on just the 100 mg. I have not noticed any hangover. IN fact I feel a little wired although that is not what it is supposed to do.
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    I have been taking 300mg for about 2 weeks. (my first time on it also). My sleep patterns have definately improved. I get better quality sleep because it helps with my restless leg and overall muscle soreness at night. I feel better in the AM and am not groggy. I went off paxil 1 month ago and I definately feel better on the neurotin. I hope this conforts you. My doc told me that people often take a much higher dose at times so 300mg would be a safe starter for myself. I do take it with a mild pain med at night and I have not felt better in a long time. Peace-n-love Tina
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    Yes, Neurontin is an anti-convulsant, but it is also prescribed to treat pain due to abnormal nerve stimulation (neuropathic pain). Your dose of 300mg a day is not a high dose. It is generally, well-tolerated by most people and many on the board use it, myself included. I do have a mild seizure disorder and I take 300 mg three times a day, but I also take Klonopin with it.

    Neurontin will make you tired, drowsy or dizzy, but this usually subsides; the length of time this takes varies with each individual. It has been noted that the incidence of adverse effects increases slightly with a person's age. Are you taking the 300 mg once a day? Many of us take it at bedtime to get the most benefit and some take much higher doses. Since it is an anti-seizure med, it is not a drug you can stop "cold turkey".

    Wishing you well,
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    It is recommended that anyone taking Neurontin, should carry a card or wear a medic alert tag or bracelet.

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    I was prescribed Neurontin two years ago and think it is great. A rheumatologist prescribed it and started me out at 300 mg. and that is what I have always taken. He told me I could take more if I felt I needed it and once I tried 400 mg. but it left me too tired in the morning. He also told me that 300 mg. is considered a very low dose. It seems to work best for me when I take it with 20 mg. of Prozac at bedtime. I was diagnosed with chemical depression before I was diagnosed with fibro so I've been taking the Prozac for a long time. I've recently been taking it without the Prozac and I don't think it works as well, but that is just me. I hope you have good results from the Neurontin.

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    I was having bad headaches plus the fibromyalgia symptoms and pain. The dr. said he's had alot of success with Neurontin with Fibro. patients. He told me to take 300mg in morning and 300mg at bedtime. If I couldn't handle the morning take it when I come home from work. Well I now take 600mg when I come home and 600mg at bedtime. He said its one of those meds. you can take however you can. You could just take one dose at bedtime of your daily dose. That it was a flexible drug. He said the dosage can be up to 3000mg a day if needed. My headaches are much better. For pain I take Vicodin when necessary. Since I started on "FlexAnew" over the counter, which has cox-2 Inhibitor plus Glucosamine & Chondroitin I'm taking less pain meds. I too am exhausted at end of 8 hour work day!!!
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    I had to start off very slowly, actually took 100mg. capsule and had to split that. A friend was over and saw that white powdery stuff, gave me a funny look till I explained. I started 3 times. Some people are up to 2100mg a day or more. I can not afford that. It did help my sleep in the beginning but that part wore off for me. It helps with my headaches, stinging and stabbing type pain, general pain, I could barely say a complete sentence that made any sense, it has helped. Still have the fog, but better. Did alot for restless leg and some other things but I forgot,lol. Oh well maybe I should do higher dose???

    It is worth working on the right dose. In the beginning my balance was alot worse, common side affect, then it later helps with balance. I walked right into sliding glass door hard,almost knocked myself out, till I dropped dosage then went up slowly. Doc said this is common at 1st.

    Good Luck, Hope it helps you~~~~ Huggss~~~~~
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    I was first diagnosed with costochondrites and put on increasing doses of Neurontin for about a year. I built up to 1200mg total per day. Sorry to say it didn't do a darn thing except make me eat more! (Possible side effect) I had no problem with any other side effect.

    As a side note:
    My husband has epilepsy: partial complex type. He was searching for another med to supplement dilantin and help with break-through seizures. After trying depakote and gabitril he found that Neurontin was perfect for him. No side effects and better control of seizures on just two of the 300mg per day. No increased appetite-and he needs to gain weight.
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    mainly for my small nerve neuropathy in my feet but it helps my FM pain also. It also does wonders for menestral cramps. I used to have those real bad every month but since I started taking neurontin I dont have to suffer. I take 3600 mgs a day. It does make me alittle sleepy sometimes but if I lay down for a 10 to 20 min nap then I feel alot better.
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    I've only been taking it for about a month. 300 mg. 3 times a day. But I only take one when I'm having that terrible burning pain in my hips and shoulders. If I take more I sleep all day and walk like a drunk. It really fogs up my head. It feels like it's stuffed with cotton.
    I'd probably get used to it if I took it all the time but I only wanted it for the BAD pain. It works great too. Hugs, N