just got a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by daylight, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. daylight

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    I'm so scared !!!!! why are they doing this??? I called in advance (as I was told to do by management) to say that we were going to be late. I explained why . The assistant manager said that it was no problem and that she'd make a note in our file that we had until the 15th. They lied!!!
    My husband is going to talk with them tomorrow. I'm trying to stay positive but it hard not to cry. We said that we'd pay it as soon as we can . I'd even make payments until the 15th it's just 1025.00 is hard to come up with when your husband was out of work for a month and you live check to check. I do know what to do. We have until Sunday unless things change. We have no where else to go.
  2. windblade

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    Joining in with all prayers for the quick, urgent need you have.

    Lord, provide for Daylight! We lift up her husband to you also. Help him to wake up and see reality.

    Lord, have mercy! Come to Daylight's aid!

    In Jesus' Holy name we ask. Amen


  3. lrning2cope

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    Dear Lord,

    Please lift these 2 children of yours up and send swift relief. Send money please Lord , in some special way so that they know it is from You.

    Touch the landlords heart and let there be a complete turn a round in her attitude.
    Cover daylight and her husband with Your Love and give them a peace beyond understanding.

    In Jesus name ,
    Amen and Amen

    In His Grace,
  4. daylight

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    I spoke to my sister last night who is a paralegal and she says that this is just a "notice of intent" . That they may or may not do anything but they have to give a thirty days notice. But if a person is trying to pay their rent and did give them notice that they would be late if it did go to court that court would side with the renter for trying to work with the landlord. However the 3 days is to help them get legal representation if they need it.
    This is a mess. My husband is going to talk to them today after work to explain the situation but he's a wreck. And my panicking isn't helping him at all . But it's hard not to . Plus I'm swelling up,huge flare. My hands,feet,ankle,neck shoulders hurt so bad. Can't stop shaking or sweating.
    I know that we are in the last days and this is probably God's way of preparing us to help others but these trials have been happening for years now. We are not some unique
    christian couple . Why would God want to use us in this way? Don't get me wrong I want to be used but I never imagined this happening . And I could be so wrong and this could be happening for some other reason. I just don't know what . We could live beyond our means living check to check. Both my husband and I were raised in very poor families. We worked hard to get out of this situation and them what happens . RA,FM,stenosis,ect...... I lose my job.
    can get ssdi without money to see the RD. I trust God but this hurts
  5. poets

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    And sending prayers your way. It can really be scary sometimes when you reach rock bottom. I know......We're there now. And it's hard to trust the Lord when you can't see an answer. But hold on. God will provide. I wish you all were near to me. I'd take you in until things got better.
    Keep looking up. That's what I'm trying to do now myself. I'm not facing eviction or anything as I own my house, but I own another one and that's a whole other story.

    I'm claiming God's promises for all of you (and my family too).

    Love,Prayers,and Peace,

  6. kbak

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    I'll pray that God intervene's in this mess. I'm praying that something miraculous happens soon!

  7. wanttobeRAfree

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    I'm off to bed in a couple and you and your family will be on the top of my prayer requests. It's going to be alright.