Just got a Far Infrared Sauna

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I just got a Far Infrared Sauna off of Craigslist. Can't wait to start using it. I did use one a couple or three times, years ago at a Dr.s office, but wasn't enough to reap any benefits. Does anyone here have experience using one?
  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    I try and get about 45 minutes during the summers.

    For winter, I used 250W heat lamps, $8 each. My setup has Far, middle and near InfraRed.

    You need to work up a good sweat, drink lots of water, more sweat is better. The sweat glands are called the 3rd kidney of the body. They remove toxins including metals.

    They do work. I feel much better afterwards.

    Lyme disease is not heat tolerant, so FIR is great.

    I often bring in my thermometer to watch my body temp. I try and maintain a fever, but sometimes I sweat just great at 99°F.
  3. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    I had one experience w/Infrared Sauna. There's a spa in our town that also sells home saunas. Part of the deal is a free trial sauna.

    I used the sauna for about 1/2 the recommened time, and did not let the temp rise above 125. Many people go to 140 for an hour. I did sweat copiously, and the sweat had an unusual odor (not my usual stink!). Quite probably the sauna was doing it's job of pulling metals into the sweat.

    Unfortunately my brief sauna experience precipitated a flare that lasted several weeks. One shoulder that had been near an infrared panel was really excruciatingly painful during that time.

    I don't mean to discourage you. If we had room in our house for an infrared sauna, we would get one -- but I'd start really low, really slow. Lesson learned. (But now that you mentioned it, I'm going to start checking Craigslist.)

    Please remember to keep hydrated & keep your electrolytes up (sodium, potassium, calcium). I got pretty woozy & had muscle cramps after only 30 min. despite efforts to keep hydrated & take electrolytes.

    Good luck! Let us know how it works for you.
  4. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    I am pea green with envy!!!!!!!!!!

    I had my first taste of this lovely red heat at the State Fair, my husband couldn't get me out.
    It is the most heavenly heat to my body. I have priced them six different times and they still seem to be out of my range.

    If you don't mind my asking, how much did you pay. Last pricing for a two seat-er was about $3000.00.
    You are absolutely going to love this baby this winter. Where are you located, in snow?

    The heat is so penetrating it goes right to your very core.
    I don't know if you get the type of pain in your legs that feels like it is in your very bone marrow, but this sauna will melt it out.
    It will really help with your morning stiffness, and sooth you right before you go to bed, or really anytime you feel so achy you want to cry.

    Oh, how I'm rattling. I am just so green. Is it a single seat, two, or three. I want the three seat so I can lay down. Does yours have the speaker system? I don't usually listen to much music as it is tooo much sensory overload, but it might be nice for nature sounds.

    Have much joy with this.
  5. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    nah.stacey, you're gonna die when I tell you. It is Cedar, 2 seater (not big enough to lay down), and has a radio. It is a year old. I paid $200. The guy is a distance runner, likes to sweat. He moved into a smaller place and had no place to put it. Was in his living room, half blocking his front door. It had to go. Now it's gonna take up space in my spare bedroom. Had to go somewhere on the first floor, so I'd actually use it.

    I've been wanting one for YEARS. Have had reps calling pestering me for the past year, as I had contacted some to get pricing. All way out of my league.

    Good idea on bringing in a thermometer to check my temp AllXWRider. Glad you've had good results. I can't wait.

    Good reminder on replacing electrolytes SnooZQ. I've seen other ones on Craigslist over the years, just not quite withing my financial reach. This was doable.

    Any of you are welcome to come use it, everyday if you want, if you're close enough. I'm in New York, an hour north of Albany. Come on over.
  6. nah.stacey

    nah.stacey Member

    I have never know my self to be a jealous person or one to covet other people things. I am going to have to get on my knees and repent for coveting tonight.

    The cedar ones are phenomanal, You are going to love it.

    I appreciate the invite but 8000 miles away is a bit far to travel for therapy that will probably kill me before I get there.
    I hope you have fun everyday and especially this winter. go in close the door put on some island music and pretend your anywhere warn but in NY, in the cold, the snow and the slush.

    My best happy thoughts to you

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