Just got an extremely comfortable new mattress set

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    If anyone is looking for a new mattress, I highly recommend the Kingsdown "Indulgence" mattress set. I just got a new king size one and it has the softest, most plush pillowtop that I ever saw. I would describe it as laying on a soft marshmallow cloud!!!

    I checked out alot of mattresses before getting this one. Now, of course everyone likes different things, but if you are like me and require a supportive mattress that has a very soft pillowtop, this is the one!

    I had a cuddle-ewe mattress topper on my old mattress and it was not nearly as soft as this. I need that really soft, squishy pillowtop due to the soreness, stiffness and achiness, especially at night.

    I am sure there are plenty of people who are just as happy using a topper made of down or down-alternative.

    Kingsdown makes alot of different mattresses. The "Indulgence" model definitely had the softest pillowtop. The salesman told me that they are the only company left who only makes innerspring mattresses.

    I also tried out alot of the memory foam mattresses made by other companies, but to me they felt like I was laying on a rock.

    If you plan to replace your mattress in the near future, I recommend that you look for a retailer who carries Kingsdown and check out the "Indulgence" model for yourself.
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    im looking as we speak, have thought about the sleep number, i hear tempurpedics are Hot, so i dont need that as i have bad night sweats & hot flashes. i know i will be paying a pretty price, so its gotta be a good one that will last me a while.i will definately google them! thanks, Kat
  3. jasminetee

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    Thank you for sharing this info. I'll look into it when we're ready to buy a new one. Indulgence sounds perfect for me.

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