Just got back from appt w/sleep Dr.

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    Hi All,

    I finally think I may have gotten somewhere in my search for help. I've already had all the standard endo tests done for my fatigue/pain, and I just saw an MD/Psychiatrist at the Univ of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Sleep Clinic. I showed him all the research I done, and that I was hoping to try either Klonopin, Neurontin, Trazodone, Wellbutrin, Provigil, or Pemoline. He said his recommendation was Ambien for sleep and Wellbutrin for energy and depression. Anybody else on this particular combination? I am concerned about making sure I get the stage 4 sleep, and from what I've read, Ambien may not do that. He said he preferred that over Klonopin or Neurontin because he felt those were stronger and more likely to make me sleepy in the morning. However, he said if a particular drug isn't helping me, he is willing to try others.

    Anyways, before I get the prescriptions, he is checking to see if their is an open slot in a research study they are doing w/depression and sleep. I would get $300 and a sleep study, MRI, and other brain scans (PET). I would have to stay over for 4 visits. I think it may be worth it. If so, I will have to wait to start on the medication, but I think the information may be valuable.

    Any opinions??

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