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    Hello Everyone,

    I just got back from my doctor and it seems I am responding okay with all the meds. He did however give me low milligrams of Valium to take during the day for the leg pain and stiffness. I can take three if I need it but if one does it I am not to take anymore.

    I took one on my way home and it has seemed to help. Then of course he knocks me out like a horse at night, because of the sleeping disorder because he wants all the meds to take effect and for me to heal as much as I can, since our bodies heal while we sleep.

    I must admit it feels so good to sleep because I have not had sleep in over two and a half years. His major concern with me was the sleep and when we get that fixed we will progress with other things.

    Just thought I would let you know. God Bless all of you and I am continuing to pray for all of us.


  2. jeanderek

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    Happy to hear that you had a good doc visit. They are few and far between it seems. I hope that the meds continue to work well for you and I am glad that your leg pain is responding to the valium. Hope things keep going well

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    So glad that the Dr. has found something that is working for you. Hope you will feel better soon. I had the stiffness in my legs too for awhile. I started taking magnesium and mailic acid which helped the leg pain alot. The shoulders are still having some pain, but I am sure we will get that to feeliing better soon.

    Good luck, you are in my prayers!!!
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