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    Gosh what a JERK...he's sick of me??? i'm sick of him...having to go in and call cause he aint taking care of my pain. He told me i needed to be back w/ my therapist and this pain is all in my head...i said it feels real to me, and this pain is different, then my "chronic" pain...i stood my ground, he settled down, thanks god...he was all up in my face..UGGG...i uderstand im difficult, but im a new patient to him, he doesnt even know me...i swear im never telling dr's ever again of my mental DX's....

    so i asked for more blood work, getting ANA? RAF? and SEd rate....i swear something better come back wierd, i'm sick of hearing its in my head, and havent even been dx'ed yet w/ fibro.

    he tells me its treated w/ A.D., but didnt give me any?? i really dont want em anyhow...i did get ultracet, thank god, it better friggen work!!!! UGGGG, im angry at him...yet i understand, i am difficult, but why do i have to live in pain...he thinks it the bipolar talking..i was dx'ed w/ but i dont even think i have that! ARRRR...i may now! gosh! well augest 3rd rheumo apt. i hope i dont have to see my GP ever again...thanks for listening and letting me vent!!! beck
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    I know this can be so frustrating. My rheumatologist, who dx'd me with FM did not want to touch me medication-wise. He sent me back to my shrink. I was furious, then I decided, fine, I don't care - as long as I get treated!!!!!

    So, in the end, what worked well for me was to have my internal medicine doctor and my psychiatrist work TOGETHER to treat me.

    My psychiatrist handles the psych. meds for my bipolar and for my FM, my internal medicine doctor handles pain meds and muscle relaxants in addition to my "blood pressure" portfolio of drugs.

    Basically I had to get them to conference with each other, and sign the releases that allow them to communicate together on my behalf (in my health system the records are totally separate) - once that happened, everything has now gone smoothly.

    I think my internist is more assured that anything she's doing won't be hurting the management of my bipolar with my psychiatrist involved.

    I was upset at first that I had to go to two different doctors to treat my FM, but now, I don't care - as long as I get treated, and nobody thinks I'm making it up just because I'm bipolar - what ignorance on the part of that doctor!

    I hope the Rheumy works out for you, because this guy does not sound like a keeper.

    Madame Curie
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    Thanks so much, I dont feel alone right now...u have BP too...is this common to have w/ FM? He did seem to be dwelling on that, like im manipulating him...or trying to get something??? u know? Hopefully it all works out in the end. Im sure it will...thanks so much for your story and reassurance!!! beck!!!
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    I am so sorry that you had to go through that. It is so annoying with some of the newer doctors who think they can package us up neatly and file us away in nowhere-land.

    The ultracet he gave you is tramadol (Ultram) with Tylenol (generic of course). I take six a day along with Percocet.
    Along with that and Elavil all day and night--believe me: he's got a grip on the pain. (The value of complaining to a doctor).

    Never give up, do not put up with their ****. Some need a refresher course. I wonder how many of them read journals, ect. and do some studying instead of playing golf in their spare time. How do they keep us with things like

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    My md recently gave me Ultram long-acting but when I read that it is hard to get used to -- nausea, etc. and you have to take it every day I got concerned. Do you have side effects? Does it keep your pain down or do you think it's the other things you are taking? Does it make you mentally tired?


    REKABEK I feel like you've been peeking at my md visits. Ha ha. And how about the ones that basically just stare at you? Love them too . . .
  6. reckabek

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    thanks so much, im glad u have a grip on your pain...is that utracet any good? im afraid to take it...hehe...i love percocet tho...hehe...i know i had to stand my ground and be firm w/ the man, or i would of let again w/ no answers...i was about to go off, i couldnt look him in the eye at all.....but i told him, and made suggestions and asked about that drug and if would feel comfortable giving me some....etc etc...so, so far getting somewhere,

    and hope the meds work a little so i dont need to see him, and man as much as i want to have good blood work, i kinda wish it would come back bad, so he'd have to humble up and do something...but doubt that will happen...i had that happen 1 time, i should have sewed for malpractice...hehe....i wouldnt be broke now:)....well thanks again beck
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    haha...right...well hes so gentle and fake, its horrible...so mechanical, and as much as he thinks its gentle, its anything but.....crazy man....and the fact that he went off on me, ive been going to him for about a month, but have been w/ the office for a few, just had only been seen for GYN.

    i went to him for a physical, that time of yr, and complained of this weird pain, umong telling him my mental past, and that if i needed meds ill be coming to him instead of PDOC cause of money purposes. ...ITS ALL IN YOUR HEAD, i get...i email him a week later, go in to discuss...possible fibro, send me away w/ rheumo apt. and neurontin...email him again, and then this time seen...now darnit, if he would have done something 1 month ago and listened, he wouldnt be frustrated w/ me, and i wouldnt feel like an idiot!!! but noooooooo hehehhehehehe...dumb DR./...well thanks again, beck
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    As far as the bipolar - I can think of several people here who are and some others who are in the process of a possible BPD diagnosis, but I don't want to "out" anybody who doesn't want to talk about it.

    The stigma about being bipolar is so strong because people automatically think - "Cray-zee" as soon as they hear the word - doctors and health professionals can be the worst offenders.

    One of my first patients on the ambulance was a bipolar woman and the firefighters who were dealing with her were giving me the "Loony" signal - and all I could think was - "HAH, if you only knew, you ignorant dumb@sses!"

    I feel it's important for me to talk about it because it's important for people to know that I'm not "Cray-zee", I'm an intelligent, educated woman who has a chemical imbalance in my brain that needs to be compensated for with medication - end of story.

    What most people don't realize about Bipolar is that the onset tends to occur in the mid-to-late twenties/early 30s. I remember telling my psychiatrist that she was going off the deep end with me, bipolar - no way...that's when she basically whipped out the DSM, and laid out the criteria for Type 2 - I met all of them and at that point had to acknowledge that I was probably bipolar.

    Don't let anyone marginalize you due to the b-word. It's not only unfair, it's against the law.

    Madame Curie
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    hi i dont have fibro i have ra, but i can sympathize so much with you. isaw a new gp in march after my old gp allowed me to go through 15 staph in fections without culturing me. i had been having horrible knee pain and so stiff i couldnt straighten it. he said he would do a sed rate and xrays, wouldnt give me pain med though cause he didnt feel comfortable, well the xrays came back fine so did the sed rate so in a condesending voice he agreeed to send me to an ortho. by then my hands anf feet hand pain and swelling and he said with the staph history to see a rhuemy. well fast forward 2 mos my rhuemy is 5 hours away i have a flare need steroids call him he tears me a new on says nothing is wrong with me he dosent understand what i have needs to see my records( i offered his number to call and explain my condition) he didnt want to make a long distance call! he belives that there are new tests that are conclusive for ra and if i am neg then its all in my head. my rhuemy said she has seen so many people seroconvert after time has passed and if you have all these symptoms then you should be treated i got my medical records and have an appt with a new one in aug. dont take it!!!! missy
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    Click on '30feeling80' to the left.
    Click on "my shrink's theory on fibro pain".
    I have the same problem with my GP and my psych DXs.

    Hope you find help.
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    Good luck with that, but don't expect much more than a diagnosis.

    He ruled out all the other monsters...Lupus, MS, Lyme, etc. My SED rate was only slightly elevated (32). Maybe others have had more positive experiences, but he told me they can't do much for fibro.

    I find rheumys useless beyond a DX for Fibromyalgia.

    Just my opinion.
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    that you get so little treatment from Rheumy's.I really liked the one I have first visit but a few wks. ago I found out how he really is.I told him all the pain I'm having and the Ultracet isn't working so the last few days I've been resorting to a script from Jan. of Darvocet showing him the bottle with some in it from my GP.He leaned forward and said we are not going down the narcotic's road it will do you no good.We'll stay as is right?I was so shocked I couldn't talk.I'm still upset.I wanted to know if there was a med similar to Bextra that is off the market for my achey like pain.He acted like I was drug seeking even though I still had meds from Jan.As for Bipolar I feel for you guys.After my DD dx in college yrs.ago we discovered my DH and 2sons have it also.It was a blessing to have their moods explained and with treatment has saved our family but ignorance from others is the worst of our problems.Do what you need to for yourselves and ignore stupidity.
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    I am going to repeat what my new and lovely pain doc said to me, and also add to this what I know:

    He said, people with FM, CFS and myofacial pain syndrome receive pain signals in their brains that are far far far higher than other peoples.

    Now my bit: So, for instance, the poster who just wrote about a wrinkle in her sheet really causing pain was right on, as to a person like us, that wrinkle feels exactly the same as lying on a jagged edged stick would.

    The nerve pathways that carry our pain are magnified, sometimes because we are just not converting chemicals in our bodies well, but also because when our bodies are perceiving pain to such a degree, then our muscles tense which then exacerbates the whole syndrome. This is why supplements can help-we may need more calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D(to go with extra calcium)and Omega 3's and pure protein to help counterract this.

    I would print this out and send it to your doctor, as he knows aboslutely nothing about the way pain signals are received by the brain and needs to go back to medical school.

    Tell him, this is why, for instance, that patients in chronic and unrelenting pain (definately not "in their heads" as some was caused by terrible accidents and burns as well as lupus and arthritic pains)when given a leucotomy (this is like a lobotomy except the frontal lobes are not removed but rather cut-the frontal lobes of the brain are where the pain receptors are located)this is what happened.

    Patients operated on, could walk about within hours still with the exact same condition that HAD to cause the exact same pain, yet suddenly, not be at all bothered by it. The nerve pathways to the frontal lobes had been altered to cause this. Tell him this research is well documented.

    This is why some doctors are implanting pain "pacemakers" with some success.

    By the same understanding, people in shock,the chemicals from which dulls the receptors in the frontal region of the brain, are often devoid of pain until the shock wears off.

    Or, put more simply, why does anaesthetic work? Ask him that. The pain is still there but the anaesthetic chemicals that also put us to sleep affect the frontal lobe receptors so we cannot perceive pain. We actually still feel it, but our perception is altered.

    I hope you can print this out and read it each time someone invalidates your pain in this way. A doctor should know better.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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    wonderful answers and suggestions to my annoying dr. expierance, u guys have truely helped me not feel alone..THANKS SO MUCH!!! beck