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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovinlifeinAK, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I have no idea how you guys who live in Seattle can stand it there! My RA and Fibro were the worst it has ever been! So much humidity, no view except buildings. Also way to many people for me. I was seen by the Endo dept to find out why my hormones are so out of whack and maybe some insight on why last year within 3 months I gained 50 lbs for no reason.

    Then I get back here to Alaska and all the snow is melting!! It is December and there is barely a lick of snow on the ground. Mother Natural is sure being funny this winter. I wish it would be dry like it normally is.

    It has been a long time since I posted my own topic, but I do not get to get on as often as I would like. Well better get back to work, just had to get that off my chest to those that would understand.
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    just because
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    I think I mentioned it to you...who did you see? We saw a Dr. Benson, and I believe he was in endocrinology. He ruled out lyme and thyroid was deemed OK, but that's all we got....
    Hope you get more results!
    Having lived in AK, I agree about too many buildings and cars racing around. I'm always so glad to go home after going to Seattle!
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    Thanks for your responses. I just meant the humidity mostly as it is drier here and humidity kills me. I had never been in such a humid place before. Mind you I was born and raised here in Alaska, and cold weather causes less pain than the humidity does thats for sure.

    Seattle does have some beautiful buildings though. If I have to go again I will try to avoid the rainy season. You well alaska335 knows, but there are no buildings here that block the mountians. As well as to and from town to where I live is a two lane highway, we do not have all the bridges, and off ramps that I saw. Anchorage has a few, but nothing compared to Seattle.

    Yes alaska 3335, I remember you mentioning that, the Endocrinologist I saw was Dr. Mystkowski. He says he does not like to dx before all the test get back but he suspects Cushing's. But I got a good feeling about him, and he took me seriously. So I hope that I do not get the "your labs are all normal". I will probably find out after Christmas time. I also took pictures of what I looked like just before I ballooned up and gained 40lb - 50lbs within 3 - 4 months time last year.

    Oh yeah rainfyer, I think I was mostly in shell shock as to the amount of buildings, people, etc. A little overwhelming for a small town girl. I enjoy whatcing the sunrise and set on my deck. The only hard part is probably around the end of January / March, I am ready for the snow to go, though this year looks pretty blek in the snow department.
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    I think this winter has been pretty bad. We haven't had so much rain, but it has been cold and a couple of bouts of freezing fog.

    My sleep doc is at Virginia Mason - Dr. DePaso. He was on the front cover of the Seattle magazine, they have an issue every year with a list of the top doctors (chosen by their peers).

    I'm glad the endocrinologist at least took you seriously. That's a good start! Now I hope you get some answers...

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