Just got into another car accident

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    Hi everyone
    Felt good this morning when I got up, not great but the day seemed promising. pain was at a mimunal.
    Anyway my family and I went to church. I was prayed over for the fibro. after church we decided to go for lunch..have not been out of the house for a while so I was real happy about this.
    on the way to the restaurant we got rear ended by a truck, police and anbulance came. I was the only one hurt, ended up going to the hospital. I was in a great deal of pain, they gave me x-rays and 1000 MGs of Vicodin. I liked it alot...Is this a good drug. PLEASE could someone tell me about side effects. gotta go
    God Bless
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    What did you hurt?
    Thats just the pits, go out for the first time in weeks and that happen. Poor thing!

    Vicodin is a short acting narcodic that has hydrocodone and tylenol, more than likely it was 1000mg of tylenol in the shot you got. Usely in pill form Vicodin comes with 5mg of hydrocodone and any where from 325mg to 750mg of tylenol. Its good at relieving pain but only last anywhere from 2-4 hours at most when you take it in pill form. Not sure about in the shots. Most use it for break through pain because it is short acting. I am on Oxycontin 20mg, its a long lasting narcodic from 8-12 hours of relief and doesnt contain tylenol or asprin which is good because to much tylenol is hard on your liver and to much asprin is hard on your stomach, so for someone who has to take it on a daily basis it works better. I still sometimes take an asprin for headaches. If you the vicodin helped with your pain talk to your doctor about giving you some for bad days and possibly giving you something along with it to take everyday that is a long acting medication. I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad day.... I hope that you don't have a bad day tomorrow, usually the next day is worst.

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