Just got my letter of termination from work.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Malcolm82, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Malcolm82

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    Today I got a letter from the company I have worked for for almost 18 years advising me that as of August 31, 2008 I will no longer be an employee. After being out on disability for 11 months this looks like the end of my career along with everything else I have lost, most importantly my health. I knew it was probably inevitable, but still hard to take especially after being promoted to general manager 2 1/2 years ago. Anybody know of a good way to look for health insurance since that is going away too. Thanks!
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    I know that doesn't "really" help you out much but I really am sorry that this has happened to you. Hang in there!
  3. gapsych

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    I am so sorry that you are going through this.

    Many of us have lost so much from this DD.

    Doesn't seem fair, does it?

    I hope your disability will at least help with finances.

    At least we are all in this together.

    Take care.
  4. Texashen

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    You should be offered the option to sign up for Cobra insurance thru the plan that you have now if your company presently has insurance- should be able to get it for at least a yr if not longer.
  5. padre

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    Your bio does not say how old you are or much about you, but having disability end your career is something I know a good deal about.

    On a practical level, indeed, check on cobra continuation insurance.

    Next, if you are not in a support group, going to a therapist, or have a group where you can find emotional support -- do. For me, the lost of job was a loss of identity, a major experience of grief, and a loss of the personal interaction of a job. As crummy as I felt, the isolation and feelings of grief were the worst.

    As a man, my self-image was very wrapped up in what I did for a living.

    Today, I have started over. I volunteer as often as possible and force myself to go to a service club. My head is much better, my body not-so-hot. But, I won.

    I wish you the very best in your fresh start. It is an opporuntity to reinvent yourself and can be a very positive experience. Please keep us abreast of how you are doing.
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  6. Malcolm82

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    I just updated my profile. My wife and my work were the most important things in my life. This DD really robs you of almost everything. I at least have good long term disability insurance that I signed up for years ago but never really expecting I would need it. I was always on the go and the other people I worked with always marveled at the speed I operated at and how much I could accomplish. I'm the total opposite now. Pressure in my head so bad sometimes it feels like it is going to explode even when I don't have a terrific headache, crippling fatigue, brain fog, etc., nothing you guys aren't familiar with. On my last day of work I had to be driven home because I collapsed in my office. Anyway, thanks for the words of encouragement from all the folks who have been going through this longer than I have. I'm going to check out COBRA but I have a feeling it is going to be more expensive than I can afford.
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    I lost my job after 10 years with the same company and had to leave the same day. I could have been on disability but chose not to do it. My doctor want me to but I was to proud. I used to work 50 to 60 hours a week but after being sick I dropped to less than 40. Could have been the reason my position was eliminated but they claim not.

    Anyways, I'm so sorry for you and know how bad you must feel inside. Loosing your job is like loosing a love one and you will feel the sadness, anger, blame yourself etc. I am still angry about it. Just go through the process as it is very normal.

    You are qualified to get the Cobra for two years, it's a Federal law but it can be expensive.

    Since you are on disability from work you probably have a good case to file for SSDI. I'm thinking of using Allsup but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

    Best of luck to you and keep your chin up.

  8. bre_ann

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    You should get some paperwork mailed to you on getting Cobra but it IS expensive.
    good luck. I'm so sorry to hear about your termination.
  9. tgeewiz

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    As others have stated, check out the COBRA insurance. Also, if you drop coverage, make sure you find another policy within 60 days or it may be more difficult to find a good policy. An insurance agent can explain this to you.

    Also, if your only diagnosis is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia, you will likely have a very difficult time getting the Long-Term disability through your employer. SSDI is another matter. See my other posts and those of Marti Zavala.

    I filed for short-term disability and got that rather easily. But, for LT disability the insurance company (Assurant) denied me. They basically said it was a somatization disorder and therefore not covered. I appealed and still lost. You may want to consult an attorney before applying, because they will use anything and everything against you.

    Best wishes and God bless.



    PITATOO Member

    You have a case because you were out on disability. Please try to fight it to go back on disability. Especially after a promotion. Sounds like your work record must be good. If you apply for SSDI they will want you to first go after the company that fired you. Seen this many times. Are you willing and able to work and have this DD under control? A lot of states are at will employment but except under a disability. Please fight it. If not for you alone but for the rest of us. Keep us posted, keep you head up and don't let it get you too down. I was let go from my last jobs two years ago and own my own business and have never been happier. I do the same things. I get 3-4 months without work and make 4 x as much. I am happy the way it work out. If you have that ability to go out on your own; try that if not fight... Bobby
  11. homesheba

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    i also lost my job a while back
    when i could work and it hurt so bad
    it was like a death.
    it was like my identity.
    but as time went on, other things came and went in my life that filled up that time,
    but i still sure do miss working.
    i pray you will get some compensation
    and you wont lose anything.
  12. CKater

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    Just lost my job on Tuesday, so I know what you're going through. COBRA is very expensive. It sounds like you should probably look into applying for SSDI. In the mean time, search the web for some affordable form of insurance. Does your state have a health plan that you could pick up based on your income? I know mentally how difficult it is right now, as I am emotionally crushed and having this DD on top of everything else just dramatically increases the stress you're feeling. I hope you're company was kind and did give you severence. Mine gave me three months and are paying my COBRA that long too. I'll also get unemployment after that, but of course that's little comfort after losing a good paying job and taking away my self esteem and dignity right along with it. Good luck to you.
  13. Malcolm82

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    I am fortunate to have signed up for LTD insurance with my employer shortly after my wife and I got married not quite thirteen years ago. I paid the premiums but it was at a group rate so it wasn't too expensive. I applied for it shortly before my short term disability ran out after six months. They took about 60 days to approve it and it seemed like the approval came right after my new (ninth) doctor finally diagnosed me with CFS. I'm thinking now I should apply for SSDI. According to my LTD policy, once your claim is accepted they will continue to pay benefits as long as you are disabled until retirement age unless your disability is mental health related, then you get benefits for only 2 years. My "official" disability is CFS, but I have been treated for depression which started when I couldn't figure out why I couldn't do my job like I always had been able to, worrying about screwing things up, looking sick or drunk in front of my employees, not being able to do anything but sleep or rest on nights and weekends after pushing the heck out of myself all week at work and putting in 60-70 hour weeks, etc. I don't want to even get into all the crap I have gone through in the past 2 years with all different kinds of doctors, councelors, psychiatrist (who incidently determined my primary problem was not depression but fatigue even though the other "specialists" were sure I was a mental case because they couldn't find anything else "wrong" with me)until I finally got hooked up with a CFS specialist. The latest she has determined is that I have high levels of lead in my system, probably from way back 25 years ago when I did alot of painting of farm equipment for my first employer (they went out of business about 2 years after I started working there). Back then there was alot of lead in the paint and I was working in a small enclosed garage with no ventilation, no respirator, in a tee shirt and using just those paper dust mask. I remember I used to spray paint until I couldn't see through the mist, then I would walk outside and wait for the mist to die down, then go back at it. My doctor says the body has ways of dealing with heavy metals, mostly keeping them suspended in your body where they won't do harm because the liver can't filter them out. If the exposure is high enough though it will start doing damage immediately. She says in my case it didn't cause trouble until other things went wrong. In my case she determined that I had very low testosterone and vitamin D levels, a good B12 level but my body was not metabolizing it properly, and a few other things. She has me on testosterone replacement therapy, several dietary supplements and vitamins, and detoxing supplements to open up all the body's excretion pathways to flush the lead out. I have had a few strings of better days lately where the pressure in my head and the fatigue was less and I could concentrate more. I just hope it keeps up. I didn't mean this to get so long-sorry! Thanks for all the advice and I'll try to keep you all updated.
  14. Granniluvsu

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    I have nothing much to really add but just wanted to let you all know that I am thinking and praying for you. I cannot imagine losing ones job after doing so well and then out of the blue comes the axe, especially afater working there for so long.

    I juat wanted to let you all know that I am thinking of you all and hope that you pull through this all OK. There is so much to think about after having this happen. My h heart goes out to you.

    Good luck to all of you !!!

    Blessings and hugs to all,

  15. footballmom

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    I will be receiving my termination letter in a few weeks. My company terms you at 6 months which seems to be pretty common these days. I was at a conference a few years ago and they took a poll as to how long someone was on disabilty before they teminated them. Most places said 6 months however some companies were actually 2 years. Definately check into COBRA. It's very expensive but everyone needs insurance. The problem with private insurance is that you have a preexisting condition. I'm not sure how that will work.

    I know how you feel about losing a career. It's tough to deal with but concentrate on your health. (that's what i tell myself everyday, I know it's easier said then done)

  16. colorfulcolorado

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    I don't know where you live but I went to a web site and this guy gave me quotes from different insurance companies so you can have a variety- the phone number in my area is 303-423-0162 ext 129. Hope that helps you, I'm sure he can give phone numbers in your area. I'm facing a similar problem at my work-but at least they gave you a warning. My job said if I miss one more day that would be it even thou I have FMLA papers signed by my doctor and store manager. Anyone know of a good attorney?
  17. Empower

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    I'm sorry

    Been there, done that, and it sucks

    So sorry