just got my lyme test results

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    The western blot results said:
    everything was "absent" except for Lyme P66. Is all it says about that is it's "present", and under the abnormal column. Anyone know anything more about this to explain it better to me??
    I'd greatly appreciate it!
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    Was this test done through LabCorp?

    If it was not done through Igenex, you really cannot tell much from it.

    Labs other than Igenex do not test for all bands. They only test for 3 IgM bands and 10 IgG bands.

    Igenex tests for all 14 IgM and 14 IgG bands, which is absolutely necessary. There are some very lyme specific bands that the other labs are leaving out.

    Plus, Igenex included many species of Borrelia bacteria when they developed their testing methods.

    Other labs only included a few species. There are 100 species in the US alone. If you are making antibodies to a species not included in the testing methods, it will not show up.

    The very best advice I can give you is this:

    1. Get an Igenex western blot IgG and IgM, test #188 and #189...total cost $200. You will get a receipt that you can submit to your insurance. They do accept Medicare. www.igenex.com

    2. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis. It is NEVER ruled out by just a lab test. It is based on your history and symptoms and can be supported by labwork.

    There are actually many people with lyme who never tested positive. Not only is testing not foolproof, but sometimes our immune systems are so beaten down that you no longer are making antibodies to the bacteria.

    My western blot through LabCorp showed only band 41. One month later my Igenex western blot showed many bands present...and several species specific bands that definitely indicated lyme.

    99% of Dr's rely on these other labs to rule out lyme and that is definitely wrong. It really means that 99% of Dr's are not at all educated about lyme.

    I'd be glad to help you further if I can.

    Please read this info by the best lyme experts:



    Good luck!
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    Hi, I've had lyme disease since 1992 and wasn't until 1996 when someone actually believed me. I was in full blown stage when they confirmed I had lyme. I moved from California to Alabama and found an Infectious Disease doctor that worked with me to help me have a life.

    My advise to you, find a good infectious disease doctor or lyme doctor that will work with you. Don't just take one doctors advice, soak up any information from people around you. Since lyme hides in your fat cells, you can show it active one minute than nothing the next. I went from 1996 till 1999 taking 3,500 miligrams of anitibotic with a lyme doctor, almost dieing twice from my body being so compromised. Desiding that doctor could only keep me from progressing with this disease...
    I moved to the south. I got on the Lyme disease national web site and read all the new
    trial studies and than asked my doctor to help me do the same thing the studies were doing.

    In 2000 I did the anitbotic pick line, which again was so hard on my body, but I believed started me in the right direction. Today I research the lyme web sites, I LISTEN TO MY BODY, this is so import and with herbs and good vitamins (not a daily vitamin), I have been able to return to enjoying life. Everyone is at a different stage in their lives with stress, work, family or age. I believe lyme can be some what controled if you rest when your body tells you, eat the right foods and take the right vitamins and minerals. You have to deal with this and it doesn't just go away...we have the bactria in our cells and I don't think they will ever really go away.

    I also beleive that no one is going to help you solve this for you, you have to be proactive and keep studying and asking questions, unless lyme is caught early in the first stage of infection, I believe we have this for life. I had hoped when I first got lyme that the doctors would solve all my problems, but so little is known and the disease affect everyone so differently that it is going the same way as Rocky Mountains Spotted fever, no one really can figure out why!

    Good luck to you and God Bless....