Just got my Medicare papers scarey

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    It amazes me that I have had disabitity for 2 years or will have come Oct. I came home yesterday to 2 letters about medicare , I have 6 months to sign up. I have so many questions about it and I have not been able to get thru to talk to a real person.

    I know that I will need it and really do need it. Hubby's work changes insurance every year it seems. So having some thing stable is good for me. I have still to talk to hubby about some things like him keeping me on his insuracne as medicare will be primary and his would be secondary.

    But it is spendy for me. I get Just over $400 a month in disabiltiy payments and have to take tax's out of that amount. So I get home $371.40 a month. I will have to pay medicare $96.40 . so it is scarey to me.
    Just thought I would let you know what is going on and if any one can shed some light on what I need to know and how to get the best deal I would be greatful.
  2. TeaBisqit

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    You won't have to worry about paying the premium. Once you sign up, they will rip it right out of your check every month.

    You will have a yearly deductible. I think it's around $120 a year. After that, your doctor's visits will cost you about fifteen or twenty percent of what they would charge if you didn't have the coverage.

    They should cover basic things free, like xrays or certain diagnostic tests.

    I get in very little, too, and I really can't afford this premium. My first thought was to drop the coverage, but without it, I'm uninsurable. Most of us are.
  3. marti_zavala

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    when you get through to SS, ask all the questions you want then ask for a "__________" that will help you face to face to answer your questions and help you navigative the choices. There is a name for them and I can't remember it. "personal representative" or "Medicare Specialist".

    Ask for that and they will know the proper title.

    Why do you pay taxes out of your disability?

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are you and your hubby paying for your coverage through his company? If so, you need to compare what you spend for that with the Medicare premium and a Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare and a supplement. Medicare will not penalize you for not taking the Part B if you have other coverage through a spouse.

    I suggest you talk to an insurance broker who offers several Medicare plans. If you are not 65 and take Medicare Part B and a disability supp, it's usually expensive. Where I live, it's more than $300 a month, just for the supplement, Plan B (which is different from Medicare Part B). I know this is very confusing and that's why I suggest a broker who can explain your options. It will cost nothing to talk to him or her. I used to sell this type of ins.

    I have Medicare Part B and a Medicare Advantage HMO/PPO plan for which I pay no premium. I only have small co-pays when I use it. The most I would ever have to pay in one year out of pocket is $4,000 if I got really, really ill. The majority of that would be in hospital expenses.

    If you are 65, you may buy a Medicare supp and there is no underwriting; they cannot reject you for pre-existing illness for the first six months. That is not the case with disability Medicare for those under 65.

    If you decide to reject Medicare Part B and stay under hubby's plan, you must send in the card to Medicare to let them know. Otherwise, coverage will be automatic and they will begin withholding the premium for Part B. Part A, hospitalization, is automatic and there is no premium for anyone who is eligible.

    Confused yet? See a broker. You'll be glad to get all your questions answered.

    Love, Mikie
  5. mezombie

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    If you don't sign up for Medicare, you may be penalized with a higher premium if you sign up later.

    I opted out of Medicare as that was the only way I could see the doctor I wanted to back in the mid-90s. When I signed up again, my premium was increased because of the two years I was off the program.

    I'm still kicking myself for doing this. It's not worth it.
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  6. mezombie

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    Actually, I'd recommend you check out the Medicare website at www.medicare.gov.

    If you have additional questions, there's a terrific private organization that might help. You can find it at www.medicareadvocacy.org.

    Good luck. I'm sure you'll find what's best for you.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    You may qualify for some assistance with your Medicare premium. It varies from state to state , so , I think you'll have to do some "homework" on that possiblity.

    By the time I was finally granted SSD , I qualified for Medicare coverage. In my case , I only had two choices. Mecicare coverage or nothing. Yes , the premium taken out each month does reduce the amount of useable income. But , if something big medical comes up , those effects would be devastating. Obviously my only logical choice was to take Medicare.

    Here's a mistake I made. Unknown to me , a person gets one free "introductory" physical.....IF.....you have it done within six months of being put on Medicare. (I'm not sure if that only applies to actually being on Medicare.) After that one physical , used or not , the deductables apply to everything.

    I was unaware of this and lost that opportunity.

    Medicare would be confusing to a "normal" person. It is even moreso for us fighting these DD's. I would suggest you take Mikie's advice and seek some free help. It might be best to start now. Forewarned is forearmed.

    Blessings ,

  8. Mikie

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    If you decline the Medicare Part B because you have other coverage. If you do decline it, be sure to show Medicare that you have coverage through your husband.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  9. fisher1949

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    Better check with your husband's insurance company.

    My husband's requires a person to take Medicare B if offered and then they are secondary.
  10. Leaknits

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    Hi, T:

    "They" surely DO pull the payment right out of your check before you even see it.
    Between 2 and 3 decades ago (if THAT doesn't make me feel Old, nothing will) I was on Medicare's client list, brought in the princely sum of around $500 a month, and had to pay $12.20 a month for a program I wasn't using.

    Called Medicare and said I wanted out of the program, I never used it, and felt I could use the $12.20 for little luxuries like food.
    Granted, $12.20 really isn't much in today's Funny Money but I didn't want to keep paying for something I didn't use.

    The lady (?) I talked to at Medicare said: "If you discontinue your Medicare you will have to pay 10% of each months' premium between the cut-off date and when you reinstate Medicare."
    Told her if that was the way things were run there wasn't anything I could do about it...and cancelled Medicare.

    Fast forward a big chunk of years, and there's myself, staring in shock at a letter from Medicare. "You are eligible for, and will be getting, free Medicare."
    Called the phone number on the letter in a panic and told the first person who answered about the letter and how I couldn't afford all those back-years premiums.

    "What? What are you talking about? We aren't going to charge you ANYthing."
    Told him about the woman and her dire warnings re premiums. The man said "She lied to you..."

    So. For $146.40 annually, that first person thought it was necessary to lie and attempt to scare me into not dumping Medicare.
    Bottom line, check and re-check everything every so-called aid agency's reps say. It stinks, but that is what we have to do.


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