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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by suttles, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. suttles

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    This is the first time I will be trying the TF 2000 and wondered about the Herxing? I have low natural killer cells but there function was ok and I have active cmv, hhg, and ebv was Igg and nuclear Ag antibody. So is this going to be brutial for a while? How long does it take to feel better? Is it better to start when there are lots of food in the house and everthing around the house cought up so that the couch is home for a while? I have had this disease for many years and tried lots so I know how bad die off can be. Please give me any input you can. I know that when it is bad you feel like it is not going to be better and manybe it is not herxing just getting sicker.


  2. spacee

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    Darn, we are all so different that it is impossible to tell how you will react. Definitely getting the food and house caught up would be a great idea. Didn't think of that myself. I had 3-4 rocky days is all that I remember but it seems that on this message board, most have a rougher time.

    Please let us know how you do! I hope and pray you have sucess!

  3. dancingnut

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    To handle the detox, which is big for me on Essentials (Ive been sick over 15 years, so lots of clean up work for the immune system to do), I take only what I can handle. If I get too many detox symptoms, I back down on how much I am taking. I just posted about this. Ive been taking it for 6 weeks, and got up to one capsule every 2nd day, but it overloaded my system (migrainish headaches, sharp headache, tiredness), so Im giving my bod a day or two off to flush out before I pop another. This is slow, but I believe there is great potential to heal with TF whichever kind you use.

    So, because I dont want to suffer and be dysfunctional, I am only taking what my body can handle, even if its really small baby steps.

  4. CelticLadee

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    If you get everything caught up around the house, etc. you won't be sorry. You may not have a bad reaction to the TF but seems like most of us do have some herxing.

    Just remember that if you start feeling too bad then skip a day or two ... whatever it takes for your system to settle down again. If you can take a cap every day without ill effects for a solid week you can progress to 2 caps. But if that bothers you too much go back to 1 cap.

    You have to play around with this stuff to fit your needs. Somedays I just can't bear to feel sick and skip it just for a break.

    I have heard that some of us don't have any ill effects though and I am hoping for you to be in that category. It must be so sweet!

    Take care. Keep us posted on how you are doing ... ok?