Just got my urban rebounder

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lin-z, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    and i think i am going to really like it. I was very active at the gym (5-6 days a week) stopping about a year ago (thanks to dd pain) and am hoping i still have a couple muscles that remember what its like to move!!!!!!!!

    I put it together fairly easily and the bouncing caused no pain at all..(actually, just walking and my previous aerobic days caused knee pain).

    Anyone knowledgeable on the rebounder could help me with advice on how often to do it and are aerobic sneakers the way to go ?..and any other advice is surely welcomed!!

    PS already got the super duper sports bra..THAT could be dangerous!!!LOL
  2. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I am so happy that you got a rebounder! I love mine too.

    This is the advice I was given by the Needak guy:

    1. Start by rebounding for 2 min. every hour that you are at home. Slowly work up to 5 min. every hour that you are at home. (I bought myself a timer to remind myself to rebound and also to time my bouncing.)

    2. It is best to rebound in your bare feet because of the reflexology points that are massaged by the mat.

    3. Start with the Health Bounce, ie. a very gentle bounce without your feet leaving the mat. This very gentle movement causes your lymph valves (?) to open on the down bounce and close on the up bounce so you are flushing out your lymph system completely in 2 min.

    I got mine at the end of Nov. or beginning of Dec. and by the end of Dec. had worked up to 4.5 min. every hour that I was home. Then I crashed!

    I was taking some new supplements which may have contributed to the crash by doing a massive detox. My CFS doctor also thinks that I was WAY overdoing it on the rebounder.

    I have still not recovered from the crash and he has told me to hold off on the rebounding until I feel better. Then I am to do only 2 min. twice a day!

    So, bottom line, be very careful. It is a lot more powerful excercise than it seems. Take it very slow and watch for any "crash" signals and cut back on it.

    I hope you enjoy it. There are more exercises to do after the Health Bounce but I haven't graduated to those yet!

  3. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    When i first read how often you use it, i thought you said for 2 minutes EVERY 5 MINUTES!!!!! I was rushing to find the box to ship it back!! haha phew i'm glad i re read it properly (this happens alot to me)

    Also good advice about the bare feet. I def would've brought out the old dusty hard core new balance sneaks(i know they miss me)

    Thanks and would love to hear from other rebounders and if its helped!!

  4. Dee50

    Dee50 New Member

    Go slow and enjoy:) I'm going to try the barefoot thing today. I only health bounce my feet never leave the mat.
    Take care,
    Dena 50
  5. lolee

    lolee New Member

    I was going to get one and then this pain management doctor found out about my spine issues, I find out on thrusday exactly what what. picnched nerves, stenosis, or whatever. and so I thought, "Hmmmm, spine problems, possible pinched nerves, possible bones spurs, bouncing up and down, uhm. no."

    But it sounds so GOOD!!!!!!!

    I so hope and pray whatever is going on with me is something where I can get one!!!!

    Bounce for me too! PLEASE!!????


    Hey, stormy did a thread called "bounce, bounce, bounce" at least I think that's what it was called. brings up the same stuff you all just talked about!


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did a search. It's a mini trampoline.

    Had one about 20 years ago. But I didn't have the energy to use it very often. When I moved I gave it back to the thrift shop I bought it from.
  7. lin-z

    lin-z New Member

    Yes, it basically is a mini trampoline but it comes with astabilizer bar for beginners (and ALWAYS probly for me ). It is a very LO impact form of exercise ,it is manageable in my small house, and I have recently read how good "bouncing" is for you in so many ways.

    There is a whole thread on bouncing and its benefits if you are interested in learning more!! BTW I have alot of leg, knee, and butt pain and it doesnt aggravate it at all (so far and I'm not overdoing it)


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