Just Got Name of Good Lyme Homeopath In Connecticut

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    Hi Folks,
    For any Lymies desperate for help, I wanted to give you this info. I can't affort to fly from Portland to CT to see this doctor but thought I'd put out the info in case someone in the area wanted to give it a go.

    Her name is Dr. Amy Rothenberg and her number is 860-763-1225. She treats Lyme Disease (and FMS and other stuff) using homeopathy. I got her name from 2 people. One was a student of her's that now practices in Austin Texas. The other was a very dear friend of mine who's daughter was helped with a bi-polar problem.

    I don't know where in CT she is, but if anyone was interested and tries her out, please let us know how it goes.

    Good luck,
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  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    to anything else, meds and supps. I have a girlfriend like that, she can hardly eat anything and homeopathy is getting her well slowly, when nothing else ever did.

    I was told by a master herbalist (who also practices homeopathy) that I had estrogen dominance about 8 yrs ago, what a difference it has made knowing that. He gave me a homeopathic tincture I was very dubious about at the time, but I was desperate. My breasts had grown over a brasize and stayed that way for mths, not even going down in between periods like they used to, very VERY painful.

    Long story short, IT WORKED. I take natural progesterone drops tht do the same thing now, but I'm forever indebted to him. He's in Pembroke, owns a healthstore and does consults as well. I know there is a handful just in Ottawa area alone and more nearby, he's worth a trip.