Just got off of a very frustrating call with my doc and.....

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  1. Issa77

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    I asked her about getting on an antiviral and she said no because they don't work at all against EBV. I am so frustrated. I shared some of the information that I have learned from this site and she just ignored it. I am so upset. She basically said there is no more treatment for me except antidepresants. I don't know what to do next.
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    hi issa77,
    sorry about your bad experience with that doc, hopefully someone who knows about EBV treatment (that would NOT be me) will tell you how to discuss with doc, but alot of docs HATE when pts do internet research, and for every piece of info you have learned--that is something you aren't "learning" from them, while worshiping the ground they walk on about it and their vast knowledge!

    maybe infectious disease doc, but this one obviously doesn't understand it, so will not be much help to you. maybe will refer you to infectious disease or something?

    they just LOVE to blame it all on depression, don't they?
    good luck to you--L
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    You can take Turmeric, the HERB, not the SPICE. This should put the EBV in remission. I have also used Lysine to put other herpes visus in remission, using 1 capsule 3 times a day. My first choice would be the Turmeric. Is available at health food stores for under $10. Silly doctor.
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    My research has indicated that EBV (Epstein Barre Virus) was what they referred to a Yuppie Flu and many other names depending on the decade. Only recently has fibro and ME been accepted by most of the enlightened medical population as a real syndrome causing real sickness among the numerous patient's who have it diagnosed and why it is now recognized officially by Social Security Disability. If you have a physician who is not interested in listening to you, you have two choices.

    1. Try to educate her which probably wont work.

    2. CHANGE DOCTORS. Its bad enough when our families dont believe we feel like heck on toast but if your own doctor isnt willing to help you are now in a no win situation. There will become a point where you may need meds for pain especially that you wont be able to get from Doc 1. And would she refer you to a physiatrist (pain management doc). Not very likely. mY physician combo is an internal med doctor and a physiatrist. There are some rheumy's that take an extra interest in fibro/ME. Im not sure Infectious Disease is the route to go however.... DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN THE BEST. YOU ARE THE CONSUMER AND YOU HAVE RIGHTS!!

    Carolyn Bowen
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    I have found that most doctors just don't get it.Keep doin your own research and if need be change doctors.In the mean time keep your head up,don't let it get ya down.As my godfather used to say,the doctors are only PRACTICING medicine!!!!

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