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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kimkane, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. kimkane

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    talk about STRESS. as i lay in bed for 6 days in a row, in a horrible flare, sweating like the devil, non-stop coughing, a temp of 103, i finally decicced to get a ride to the hospital. guess what i have double pneumonia. the dr. ssaid if i would of tryed to rough it out(because of no health insurance)i would of been dead in 2-3 more days.
    due to the fact i have cfs it hit me so hard, it was on a mission to kill me. it took them 3 days alone to get my fever under 103. 3 i.v. bags a day of zithromax. the older woman next to me well it is killing her, the called her family in today. annd what a beautiful family. please everyone please becareful, with all this new crap out there we have to really watch ourselves. be saafe
  2. Susan07

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    Glad you are back home, life must be heck without insurance! Take care and thanks for the reminder.
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    hi kinkane,

    my name is sissy. i was hospitalized last yr for almost four months with a rare type of pnemonia. they had to put me in a self induced coma for three and a half weeks. i also suffered hypoxia. i am new to this website. so i feel for you hang in there it will be okay.
  4. sunshine8957

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    Kim - I am so glad you went to the hospital! I am very sorry you don't have health insurance!

    Keep resting and taking it easy.

    ACHEY - Thank for the reminder about the shot!

    Soft Hugs,
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    I was hospitalized for pneumonia in March------really hard time bec. I have asthma as well and I went about a week with "home" nebulizer treatments trying to AVOID the hospital, even though I have insurance. 3 weeks after the hospital stay, I started it all up again, but was able to avoid the hospital bec. I went to the DR. right away. I am so sorry you are uninsured-------I've been there also. It is really frustrating. However, I thank God that He gave you the wisdom to get help in time. You are on the road to recovery and that is wonderful. I will keep you in my prayers. BTW----after I was fully recovered, my Dr. insisted I get the pneumonia vaccine. He said it covers about 80% of the strains of pneumonia. I hope you look into that.........also try your local Health dept.
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    So glad to hear you were treated in time. What state do you live in. Here in CA some qualify for MIA. stands for medically indigent adults. Perhaps you have insurance now. Take good care of yourself as not to relapse. Do you think our (cfids) immune systems makes us more suseptable? Fortunately, I don't get colds easy. But my overall health gets worst when it goes around. My health has been worst for past 10 months don't know why. I took in groceries yest and fibro flared me so as I kept awaking, acking!