just got some blood test results -- vit d, iron, sed rate

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  1. bigmama2

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    new blood test results

    vit d - 26 (this is the very bottem of normal. previously my result was abnormally low at 14. i havce been taking 5000 iu of d3 a day. so it is helping, but not enough. i guess i will try taking two of those d pills, for a total of 10,000iu a day. then eventually get retested again.)

    iron - 50. this is normal but at lower end of normal.
    ferretin- 29. this is also considered normal, but at low end of normal.
    i have been taking iron pills which have helped my energy, but these new test results are NOT better than previous test results for iron and ferretin. wierd, huh. i will keep taking iron.

    sed rate- 38 High. normal is less than 20. sed rate is an indicator of inflammation. i have had several other times when my sed rate was high. one time it was 58!!!! eeks . i dont know why my sed rate is so high, or what to do about it. maybe its high because i am very overweight????

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    Hi bigmama2. When my SED rate was skyhigh, I was actually slender. MY CFS & fibro symptoms were quite bad at the time, though.

    My D3 right now is at 37. The lab shows a normal range of 32 to 100. I had been taking 2,000 to 3,000 IU per day. I'd like to get my D3 up to 100, so I'll switch to 10,000 IU/day. The D3 is cheap, and I saw a benefit when I started taking it, so I hope to see more benefit.

    That's great that the iron is helping your energy levels.
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    is that normal for your blood levels to be everywhere with fm? mine were everywhere too but the doctor didnt seem too concerned and that kind of worried me. i see you said you take iron pills .. how do you go about getting something like that? do i need to get it from the doctor or is that something i can buy?