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    Hey everyone. I posted the other day and just now got to reading your replies because i have been feeling pretty "blah" the past few days. Anyway...the thing that bothers me most about this whole thing is that my dr. came up with FMS by saying: (his exact words) "On a scale of 1-10 your pos. ANA was a 9....with fibromyalgia i can comfortably explain that ANA result away. Now we will shoot from the hip to find a combanation of meds to work with you"

    Now my thought is this... A.) I don't want my test results "comfortably explained away"
    and B.) i don't want to shoot from the hip with different meds if i can start out with a change in diet, excercise, ect.
    And another thing is that he was actually OFFENDED that i had kept a "journal" of my symptoms and questions so i wouldn't forget to ask about something!!!
    Anyway i'm just venting, and still researching, and will appriciate any more info/advice

    Lots of Love, Casey
    PS Sorry this got so long
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    I would find another doc. ANA test, to my understanding, are run to eliminate Lupus or other autoimmune illnesses. If yours is high, you need a doc better versed in these illnesses. Please do not be alarmed, ANA's can fluctuate with us and don't necessarily mean we have these diseases.

    Any doc who is so defensive about your careful documenting isn't the kind of doc you want treating you.

    Love, Mikie