just got turned down by social secrity

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    Well I just received my letter from social security denying me for benefits because they think I am still capable of doing the same kind of work I use to do .I am very frustrated I have been out of work since January and I am lucky if I have enough energy most days to get up and get dressed . I don't understand what these people are thinking I have been in retail management for 18 years and it is a very stressfull enviroment and you work like a dog no such thing as sitting on the sidelines delegating I think they have lost there minds . just needed to get that out. If anyone has any suggestions or feed back I would appreciate it. Not sure if I need a lawyer at this point or not and if I do does anyone know any in pinellas county floida Thanks in advance to anyone who responds to this and please know it would be greatly appreciated.
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    My only advice is to NOT GIVE UP!! I was denied twice. After the second denial, I got a lawyer. It is important to play the waiting game and don't get discouraged.

    Since you have worked a job for 18 years, that is definitely in your favor. I worked in a factory for close to 25 years. So the judge knew I had a good work record and was honest.

    It is important to keep track of all your medical records.I also kept notes of jobs that I tried like when I started, how long I worked there, the problems I encountered.

    If you can, get people to back you up that know of your problems. People such as co-workers, friends, relatives.

    Just DON'T be intimidated by this whole process. It can be an ordeal. Sorry that I don't have any other advice. Maybe someone else will have something else to offer here.

    Good luck and keep us informed. Granmakitty
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    I know how discouraging this is. I think someting like 99% of people are turned down the firs time. I was too, same thing as they told you, I could go back to my job in sales.Driving all day, and physical work. How funny. I can't even hold up in a office environment any longer.

    You have 60 days to appeal. I got an attorney this time and my hearing is the 15th of this month. It's been about a year and a half for me since I first applied.

    Good luck, don't give up, that's exactly what they want us to do.I will appeal again if I'm denied a second time.

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    Sounds like this is your initial turn down. Follow Acheybrakey's advice and get an attorney - now. You've only got 60 days to file for an appeal. In Louisiana, all attorney working on SSI cases can only get 25% of back pay and only up to one years' worth. SSDI will only go back and pay you on the last year of disability. Don't quit now! You're attorney will have plenty of experience with this and SSDI and start only communicating with him/her so the pressure is off of you.

    Some get it 2nd time around and some get it the third time around. Most important thing is NOT TO GIVE UP NOW! Your attorney will let you know when he believes you have enough evidence in your file to back up your claim.

    I am in exact same position as you are right now, so hang tough and you will eventually reap the benefits.

    Soft Hugs,
    Sunshine 8957
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    If you were denied all i can say is don't give up and hire a lawyer NOW.You don't pay a lawyer until the case is won.It is a fight,but if you know you deserve it then please go on with the fight.I lost my case for many reasons and I followed it all the way with a lawyer(a long story) i learned a lot when it was too late.So I can't encourage people enough to keep going and to wish the good luck.Lana56
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    As the others have said- don't give up. I was turned down the first time too. I tried getting a att but he lied to me and sent my file in without my updated medical records. I fired him and called my mothers pain psychritist and asked for a special consultation for my SSDI. He agreed and I won my reconsideration. He charged me $300.00 but it was the best money i have ever spent, he wrote a 5 page letter stating why can not work due to my physical and mental limitatons. It took me a total of 8 months from my initial filing. It pays to have your Dr behind you. Do yo see a therapist? If not look for a psychritist and ask for a consultation. I wrote a letter about my whole life and took it to him plus I have always sat in on my mothers appt so he knew i was sick for a year before i filed. Hang in there and don't let them win. Good luck. CK
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    I was turned down on my first try, and am currently awaiting trial with a lawyer. Don't stop fighting. The government would like us all to roll over dead. It's a fight all the way, because of those that have abused the system. Hang in there.
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    >>>>I don't understand what these people are thinking I have been in retail management for 18 years and it is a very stressfull enviroment and you work like a dog no such thing as sitting on the sidelines delegating<<<<<<

    I was in retail management also ... and it is very stressful. I came out of work 14 months ago and have been denied by SS on my initial application and appeal ... now waiting for a hearing. It's not really that unusual to be denied, but I too was furious when I got my letters.

    I would definitely agree that you need a good attorney, preferably one who has experience with FMS/CFIDS cases. If you have a support group in your area, find out who the members recommend.

    Hang in there!!

    Jan ^v^
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    1. I'm not sure what your situation is, but do everything that you can to keep your comprehensive health insurance. It makes it easier to keep good docs.
    2. You Do need a supportive PCP-ask them if they will support your claim, if they will not, find a new physician.

    If you need a new physician, check out the office staff-you need to have a good office staff manager to help you with the documentation.

    3. BE PROACTIVE!!! Keep your medical records, buy a looseleaf binder, file them according to the month, and add your test results. Write down your questions and your symptoms before each appt., and sign the letter. Also keep a good medication list, at the bottom of the list, write out failed medication
    trials, and submit this list to SSA.

    I try to have a to-do list for each appt., and I write out symptoms in a "debriefing memo" for each physician so thta we are all on the same page.

    4. Hire an attorney-I had an income issue w/SSDI, and I was referred to an SSA attorney. I taught him about CFS, Lyme etc., and set him up w/ a network of treating physicians. My casefile was "lost" by SSA for over 18 months-it took 3 senators and a congressamn to find it, and then it was incomplete. These days, what SSA did is a HIPPA violation..I have been told that I will NEVER be bothered by SSA ever again, and my attorney now handles lots of CFS fibro lyme cases, and he wins them.
    5. above all don't let these SSA people get to you, they are not worth it.

    5. find a good congressional caseworker-I worked w/3 congressional staffers-found a terrific caseworker thta my attorney still uses.

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    Back straight, head up...and don't take no for an answer!!
    Most of us get the "boot" the first it time around, just DON'T GIVE UP... Pretty soon they see you coming with that determined smirk and say "she's back..." smile.

    It takes time, hang in there...don't get discouraged.
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    dido on the lawyer. Is it the first denial? after you see a judge usually after being denied twice . That's when i got my lawyer and he was great. Since all of this takes ENERGY I would suggest looking in the phone book and getting one locally. I'm pretty sure you'd end up with one that knows the judges in your local. Must have experienced track record and get one (most do) that takes a percentage AFTER you win and only whn you win. Can't (by law) take more than 40% of backpay!

    I'm really bushed! If you have any more questions postme!
    Karen @ kjan9
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    You received lots of good advice. Support from the treating physicians should help your case, if not secure a lawyer that specializes in SSD claims. Best wishes!