just had a good conversation w/my ex

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pasara, Aug 26, 2008.

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    i just had to post because i am so happy about a conversation i just had with my ex-husband. we had a very very messy and angry divorce, and bad bad relationship since we split up. we have been able to be civil when we see each other, but basically avoid each other and don't usually communicate.

    i called him asking for help with our youngest son (see other post if you need details)and was very pleased that he called me back. we played phone tag a bit, but now finally connected and had a very long talk about "jr," which i hope will be the first step in getting him back on track.

    it just felt so good to finally be able to relate to each other like normal. thank god.
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    one of my closest friends went thru the 'divorce from hell' - so bad that it was the talk of the town, and this 'town' was several million population (she was talking to a separate lawyer about her business, and when she explained the divorce complications, he said, 'Oh, YOU're the one who's going thru that???)

    I never thought they'd be able to have a civil conversation, as for a long time after the divorce was finally settled (took 5 years), it still always ended with him yelling at her and they saw very little of each other other than to pick up or drop off the kids.

    But, then he went to Landmark, and somehow it changed him. He actually called her up and APOLOGIZED for doing all that he did. It appears miracles, or at least semi-miracles, can happen.

    Not that he's easy to deal with, still, but at least they can talk and were able to co-parent their still young kids, and have even given graduation parties together for the kids since.

    Both have remarried so far successfully. (He says he learned a lot about what NOT to do.)

    So, here's hoping this is the start to a better relationship! I sure hope he sees your kids deserve it!

    all the best,