Just had a nice chat with Ashok Gupta

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spacee, Jul 31, 2009.

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    He happened to answer the phone when I called regarding his brain retraining program.

    They now have DVD's that work on US DVD players. (Before you had to have a Playstation or something like that).

    And most importantly, if you are using the phone number his website, you need to put 011 (country code) before the number.

    I am giving it a go because I believe that my "fight or flight" is stuck on (even though I had a viral "trigger). And he will refund your money if you are not improved after 6 months of using the protocol.

    Just remember the 011 if you wish to order.


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    please report back.

    i subscribe to this sort of approach. i was initially opposed to psychological approaches because i put this into the insulting category that our cfids/fm was a psycho-somatic illness, which is a far too simplistic way of characterizing it, and really offensive to all of us coping with illness.

    but i came to realize the complexity of what we are dealing with- just, for example, how jarring it is to become this ill- that alone can cause severe repercussions on our psyche. i know it caused all sorts of upheaval in mine- the constant dread of not being able to fulfill my or other peoples' expectations; the upset i experienced at others' reactions to my illness; the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness i fell into... and so on.

    i can accept that life traumas i wasn't prepared to deal with effectively contributed to my weakened system that then was primed to succumb to whatever health disintegration came along- in my case, cfids.

    then i factor in my belief system based on energies underlying everything in the universe- and i can appreciate how my being's energies got stuck and re-channeled into unbalanced ways.

    BUT i hate it when "authorities" bang us over the head with the 'it's all in our mind' approach. it's counter-productive, and there are much more constructive ways to go about it.

    i've discovered EFT- i'd been coming across references to it for quite some time, and finally started looking into it. i'm now working with it based on information i got from the Internet, and LOVE IT. it's a practical approach that meshes with my belief system that helps me address specific worries, anxieties, fears i fall into. i'm not working with a practitioner, but maybe someday i will in order to address larger global issues contributing to my illness (cfids of 9 years duration). i've read of veterans with PTSD working on their own using EFT who worked their way out of it. amazing--

    so i'm thinking, we can choose to keep ourselves open to all possibilities of what can come to our aid and figure it out for ourselves- leaving no stone unturned- best, Sascha
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    I was not pleased that Steve Strauss, MD, (deceased) at the NIH put us in a "category" of it being psychological ill early in the CFS history. Now, I am ready to try what helps others and I have tried (like most everyone) tons of things.

    At this time I am using a zapper, doxy abx, advil, NAC, Vit C, probiotic protocol to kill pathogens. The zapper, Mikie has reported about for years. I finally at the urging of another CFS patient started trying it and had such a "stir up" of pathogens, that I added the doxy (that Mikie used). Then read the Stratton/Wheldon protocol (thanks to Celticladdie) which includes 1 gram of Vit C plus the NAC which prevents the cell walls in some pathogens from bursting plus raises the glutatione level. They also recommend the advil or aleve to reduce inflamation which is a non rx way of doing the Marshall Protocol's use of Benicar.

    Well, I am opens to what our good people here report some sucess with. And, next might just be the EFT (which I thought was electronic funds transfer lol). I think this DD has caused me to have a form of PSTD cause I cannot mention the early years of being sick without tears welling up.

    Thanks for sharing your love of EFT. Keep posting on that...some of us take a long time for things to sink in ;).

    Best to you too, Spacee

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    I get my amino acids in the am by eating a scrambled egg omelet with tomato and onion. So far, not tired of that.

    I purchased a very powerful type of food "emulsifier". It is not a juicer cause you can just throw everything in and the pulp stays and gets blended. I used that to make a drink out of my salads. I would rather drink them then eat them. Sometimes I add chicken to it.

    I eat a snack of strawberries and blackberries at night.

    Supper is a protien (usually chicken or fish) veggies and sometimes 1/2 of baked sweet potato.

    I am really not that hungry most of the time and don't snack. You would think that I would not have gained 7lbs this past year but I am not as active is the problem.

    Hope I passed the diet test! haha. No, I know that diet is extremely important. Offer any suggestions you might have.

    I do know why I have gained weight. I used to exercise 45 mins a several times a week this way: Mon. walking, Tues Yoga, Wed. Pump It up, Thurs Yoga and Sat Pump it Up. Since my hubby started spinning in the AM, he is to tired to exercise as much so we have cut out one yoga and one Pump It Up. I thought last nite I need to add 30 minutes of something during the day time.

    Next, I know you want to know what vitamins I take ;). A women's multi, calcium, and Vit D at supper and magnesium/potassium at bedtime. I probably could use some B-12.

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