just had my colonoscopy

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    Finally that's over! yesterday was so hard-starving myself and then drinking all the liquid. that was the hardest, it made me so nauseas. I recommend anyone planning one to get the pills instead of the liquid. Anyway, so here's my problems that i know of so far. I have fibromyalgia, acid reflux, and now diverticulitis (i guess, I'm going to call my doc tomorrow to see if that is his diagnosis, they gave me a sheet with diverticulitis on it and said to eat a high fiber diet). So, anyone else on this board with those 3 diagnoses? I love to hear from anyone who has any advice for me.
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    Me me!! I have all 3!!! lol
    and more.
    Ok,...now being serious.

    OMG! yes,..that prep for the colonoscopy is worse than the procedure!!
    I only drank half of what I was suppose to because I got so sick with nausea.
    I then took 2 laxitive pills just to help clean out.

    For me I'd have to say that the diverticula is hardly noticed. Meaning,..I have bad IBS so I'm not sure what acts up when I get attacks of stomach pains and diareah.

    The gerd or acid reflux is a big pain in the you know what! sometimes that really bothers me. I take nexium for that and it works ok,..but has'nt stopped it.
    I prop up my head at night and try not to eat anytime in the eve.

    as for Fibro. ?? that just plain ole stinks for sure. The impact of that one alone and all its bizzare symptoms makes that the worse for me. Aching and hurting like hell everyday is'nt fun at all and takes its toll on ya after awhile.
    I was DX with Fibro very soon after my now 16 yr old son was born. Over the yrs I've tried numerous meds,and vitamins and nothing has helped me much at all. If anything helps,...its the Magnesium and taking hot baths with epsom salts.
    I'm now taking stronger pain meds but I went without for at least 10 yrs.
    I finally just could'nt take it anymore.

    If I can be of any help,any questions? I'd be happy to try to help.
    Are you newly DX with all these?
    I'll check back in case you've replied (later tonight)
    hang in there~
    its rough,,...but CAN be done~
    (Glad that colon test is over with for ya!) 5 more yrs. and hopefully by then they've bettered their prep.
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    I also have all three of these fun things, LOL. Just newly diagnosed with Fibro (boy it sure isn't fun), nothing like feeling like you have the nastiest flu everyday. Knew something was going on with my body for 4-5 years. Finally found a good rheumy, and she told me it wasn't all in my head, and that I wasn't crazy.

    believe it or not, next time you have to drink the uckey stuff for a colonoscopy, add a pack of crystal light lemonade to it (I believe i added 1 pack per glass), boy what a big difference. also for acid reflux/heartburn, I use Prevacid (prescription only) and it works mircacles, at least for me.
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    The liquid was horrible YUCK! I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital in the middle of the night before the operation time ever came! :)

    I do not have the diverticulitis but I know a few people who do... they stay away from popcorn and a few other foods...

    I am with you on the fibro, acid reflux...

    Just had to post my I'm feeling your pain on the liquid!
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    sorry it took me so long to get back on here. well, now i'm not sure about the diverticulitis. my GI doc office still hasn't called me with the "official' results, but I went to my primary doctor today to talk pain meds, and he had the results of my GI tests on his computer! Without going into great detail, he said it says I have colonitis. Now he didn't get into anymore detail than that. I'm just getting really aggravated with the GI doc, because they obviously have the results ready, but haven't called yet to tell me to come in for the followup appt! I called them today, and the lady's like, the nurse will call you when the report is ready. UGH!!!!! So, anyway, something's got my colon inflamed. I did get my vicodin prescription changed to a higher mg. I was so worried because my body has built a tolerance to the 500 mg I have been taking for so long. I have to take more and more of the vicodin to get the pain away. So, I'll start the higher mg tomorrow and see if it helps better. So, I'm still just "up in the air" about the stomach diagnosis now. I just know I'm tired of it. The thing that makes me wonder is, I have never had diarhea, and that's a big symptom of colitis. So, who knows??? thanks for talking to me, and I'll let you know when they let me know!! PS, what do you to to help your stomach problems?
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    Instead of Diverticulietis I have ischemic Colitis.
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    I'm still waiting for the doctor's office to call me! I'm getting so frustrated. I know they're busy, and I'm not the only one in the world waiting for my results, but don't they understand people want to know what's wrong with them?!?!?! As I mentioned in my previous post, my primary doctor, who has the results, mentioned Colitis. What exactly is ischemic Colitis, and do you know what causes it? Do you know if it's FM related???
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    It is usally caused by a blockage in you vascular system somewhere, but in my case there was no blockage and I bled from the bowels for more then a year and a half causing the oxygen to be cut off to some of my intestines which was causing that portion to start to die off. I had two colonscopys within four months as the vacular doctor told my gastrologist to go back and have another look. Just weeks before I went in I bled alot more then normal however, When he got back in it had ended up healing itself. The problem is they never could figure out what happen and what caused it for sure so I don't know if it will happen again. It is not good if it continues to disingrate it then takes surgery but to stop it they have to know the cause. I think it may be due to the fact that I am bedridden alot and in those last weeks I was out of bed more so I think that got the blood moving and helped heal it as they can heal fast according to the doctor. But my doctor never could get to the bottom (pun) of it. Good luck and I hope they figure it out.
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    from my doctor about my results. So, i don't have colitis, it was just from the prep that was causing inflammation. So, everything appeared normal, except for the upper GI that shows i have acid reflux. So, i'm just supposed to eat a high fiber diet and go back if my problems get worse. Whatever!!! Just another part of FM to deal with! Thanks for all your support! We have to go through so many uncomfortable tests!
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    I have found it is Always Best to get your test results before your next follow- up appointment. Every patient is entitled to have their own test results and these are usually free to the patient. Wherever a procedure is performed is usually the same place your records are.
    A good reason for this is , reports can be overlooked by doctors and the patient is not told the complete test report results. I learned this one on my own. i can't stress it enough, Always get your own copies of Lab test or any procedure.
    Hope this helps someone.

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