Just having a Moment where I can't handle the pain

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    I know that we all go through this faze or flare wmotionally. But today I am so sick of having PAIN. 24/7 it is there , it never leaves me even with the strong pain meds I take. Yes that may be due to that I don't take them on a regular basis. I have things that come up where I am unable to take my pain meds and muscles relaxants.

    I have had a heck of a summer. My Mom has goen through 2 bouts of celluitis and they each were really bad and left her with little reserve energy. And she is not boucing back as fast as I had hoped, but she is 79 now and I guess that she is doing as good as she can.

    About 3 weeks ago she had a bout of falling. NO real reason , no strokes, no bleeds but her blood wsa way to thin as she is on blood thinners for blood clots that she had over 3 years ago. So she spent what was to be 1 day in the hospital to 4 days there and now is home and has Home health comming in to do Pt and stregnth training. And a aide to help her with a bath and a nurse to do blood draws as she really hurts to get in to the car and go to the doctors and hospital for the blood tests and checkups.

    I am the sole helper she has, altho my daughter and SIL live with her and take care of her at nights , they both work full time jobs during the days so if she needs something I am the one that has to do it. I have to be available for her on call all the time so that if she needs something I can get if for her.

    But now I am flaring and in so much pain. 2 years ago I tripped and shatterd my left wrist and now it is hurting me so much that there is not a time when it does not have pain and hurts aches and I will sit and rub that wrist as it seems to help. But I just am sick of it. And add the DDD and fibro, facet syndrome,CMP, arithitis in both knee's,spinal stenosis, arthritis in myleft wrist.

    I know that there is more but I don't remember all of the problems that I have. I have had female problems all my life and had a total hyesterectomoy in 1990. But now I have some vagial issue's that I need to take care of. But that does not hurt me.

    Everynight and everyday my left wrist hurts. I rub it with out me even knowing that I am doing it. And I think that it must help me to rub it. It does ease the pain some. Some times the bones will ache but on different sides and it is so strange. The wrist was so badly shattered that it had a titauim plate with 6 screws in it. And i most likey need to have it checked out to see if any thing is lose in it but I am sick of doctors and I have my pain doctor visit today.

    Sometimes I feel that this pain in my whole body will never ever end and I get so worn out with it that I just don't function. I will fall alseep just sitting watching my TV.

    I did some errrands for Mom yesterday and one for me and my friend drove and on the way home she asked me if I was awake. I guess that my eye's had closed and I was out and didn't know it as I was just to tired. I told her that my eyes were just having a hard time staying open as I was really tired and needed some rest and a nap.

    And that is was I did. I slept for a few hours and that is what I do everyday. I get so exhusted that I am unable to keep my eye's open. I am so tired all day long that if I don't have to do something I will fall alseep. I have been doing so much for my mom that I don't want to take my pain meds if I havet to drive with her in my car. It is one thing to take them and drive alone then it is to have my MOm or my grandson with me.

    I am jus tsick of this never ending pain in my wrist. IT is really annoying and bothering me more and more each time it gets colder. I don't do well with the heat as it makes me nausous and sweating like crazy. MY face , neck and the back of my head will just dripp with sweat in the summer heat. But when it gets cold, I don't just hurt in one place it is all over.

    I am hurting in my thighs, my wrist, my back ,hips and ankle.
    I really don't mean to sit and whine that I hurt. I just feel alone with this kind of never ending pain. AS there is no one that really does understands what it is to always hurt and to hurt so badly that you could scream.

    I have so many feelings that I really want to share with you but my wrist is causing my fingers go hurt and tingle and I have some numbness in my hand. So I guess that it is time to go to bed now and hopefully sleep.

    Thanks or letting me grip about this and whine too.
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    i totally can relate to what you are going thru!!! in fact when i was reading your post- and it was like i had wrote it...
    i am so sorry about your wrist,
    i also suffer with all those things- tho i havent broke my wrist yet..
    and i care totally for my 79 yr old mom and am in pain 24/7 so much that i feel sometimes i will go nuts fromit. even the pain meds dont help much...

    i also have vag problems that i need to deal with
    but a dr told me he wouldnt touch me cause i have too much wrong with me!
    man we are a pair arent we?? ha ha!!!
    i hope you are feeling better
    and please pm me if you need to ever vent some more. taking care of ones mom is hard
    and can be very hard on a person also healthwise.

    esp if you dont get enough rest to begin with...
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    Hugs Rosemarie

    It sounds like you have been having a tough time lately. You have had to be strong for your Mom on top of your own health problems and it all has hit you like a sledge hammer.

    I know how you feel, my parents are both in their 80's and I still have children in college at home, my husband works extra hours since I can't, and sometimes it just builds until our bodies can't take it anymore.

    Please try and treat yourself with extra TLC and allow yourself to rest if you can. I am sending some extra hugs (((Rosemarie))).

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
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    I understand . I am trying to deal with my pain also.

    I do not think you are griping or whineing People with these problems need help to deal with it.

    I hope you feel better