just how different do you feel when you`re flaring;i`m always sic

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    i believe i flare more than i have any good spells,maybe because i stay stressed out and worried all the time. i know they say it triggers it and to avoid stress and excess worrying, but thats like telling me not to live in my house anymore with my husband and son. they honest to goodness don`t realize just how bad this disease is. they`ll wait on me when i`m really bad,but both of them come to me to help make decisions about bills and other important stuff. i`ve already told my husband,i can`t even remember what i ate for breakfast this morning,i really shouldn`t be relied upon to do a cross word puzzle for a 2 year old. my memory is goneeeeeeee. i have long-term memory sometimes. i wish i could make them understand,i can`t deal with this anymore. i do see a therapist and a psychiatrist,and have been going on 6 years now. i have clinical depression, panic and anxiety attacks. those are the only 2 doctors that hear me and try to help me cope with this fm and stress,etc. does anyone else have this problem,please reply as i`ve been nauseous and dizzy-headed and relly fatiqed out all day,i mean i did that when i was first diagnosed with fm,and now its starting all over again with a vengeance. i got an appt. with a new rheumy in 2 weeks,he`s suppose to be good, i pray he is.well i`m going nite nite, am feeling yukky again. nje
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    Hi nje, My name is Robin. Be sure when you go see your rheumatologist to ask if you could possibly have CFS (overlapping) symptoms also. I have both...and it is CRAZY!!!!! When I flare from the fibro my body pain is even worse..if that's possible. I am at a level 6-8 pain all the time anyway, but when I flare, it absolutely puts me in tears. But the CFS causes the very severe fatigue. It is all I can do these days to hold it together. My memory is terrible also, which is really not good, I own my own business. I have a housekeeping business which is about to literally "kill me". I have 2 children. Neither one understands my illness at all. My fifteen year old won't even help with the chores like she is supposed to. I could be on my death bed and my house could fall down around her and she wouldn't care! And trust me that is not how she was raised. It seems the sicker I get the more obnoxious and rebellious she gets. Now, I am losing weight like mad, because of a vitamin B12 deficiency and am always sick to my stomach, and what I do eat is not doing me any good. So, I know how you feel and you will find on this site that you are definitely not alone. Luckily some people do seem to have people that care and understand, but I am sure we are not alone....
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    Sorry you are having such a rough time.

    For the severe memory and concentration problems I was having, I convinced my doctor to give me Concerta, a med for attention deficit disorder. Even though I didn't have ADD, the symptoms were the same so I thought it might work. AND IT DID! It saved my life and enabled me to work again after I'd been fired from my job.

    Having such memory problems really affected my confidence and self-esteem. I felt like such an idiot and I felt people viewed me the same way. The medication restored my sanity. My mind is still not back to normal, but at least I can function!

    Also, you asked in what way people feel different when they are flaring? I have often wondered the same thing! I pretty much feel the same every day (rotten). I guess some people have better days than others? I'll be looking for the responses as I'd like to know, too!

    Take care and hang in there

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    Maybe you need to educate your husband & son. Have you ever gotten any of the phamplets that are available on this site from the webmaster? It's always the first post. I got some (they're free) & gave to my family members to help them understand.

    Stress absolutely makes the fibro symptoms worse. I know it's easier said than done when someone tell you to cut out anything or one who stresses you.

    I hope your new doc helps you find some relief.

    Take care..........Kathi
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    Not related to this thread, but someone suggested to me that kids may react that way (indifferent) because they can't emotionally handle "Mom" being sick. Especially if Mom used to be a "Supermom". And if they "help" you, that would mean "acceptance".

    I'm no psychiatrist, but it makes sense to me. My daughter and I are like best friends, but when I was recently bedridden for 4 days with severe back pain, she didn't offer to do ANYTHING. She only helped when I requested something directly.

    It hurts, I know.

    Hang in there!