"Just In Time"

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    ~ JUST IN TIME ~

    Just when the blackness of sorrow surrounds me
    And I've forgotten that You know or care,
    Then does the light of Your presence illume me
    And I see blessings of Yours everywhere.

    Just when depression would seek to destroy me
    And hope seems farther and farther away,
    Then comes the sunshine and warmth of You lifting
    My gloomy night time to bright brilliant day!

    When I look back, I wonder, with passion,
    How I forget when Your Spirit abounds;
    When all of nature and all of Your heavens
    My little lifeboat completely surrounds.

    When I look up, My God, to Your heavens,
    Millions and billions of Your stars I see.
    When I look down, Lord, and study, in earnest,
    I find life hidden in each tiny seed.

    Teach me Thy ways. For, I would not be faithless.
    I would learn, gladly, the Source of my light!
    Thou, Who dost love me and lead me and guide me,
    Show me the plan You have made for my life!

    © by Joan Clifton Costner
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    anthor beatiful well needed poem thank you .where do you find these?if there in a book i would realy like to get aa copy