Just learning about fibromyalga and have questions about flares

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by daboysone, Mar 28, 2009.

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    What exactly is a flare up with f/m? What symptoms are related to a flare? I didn't know about flare ups.
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    Thankyou nink for the info. I think that maybe this is what happened to me this past wk. I started spring cleaning in my living room, vacuming and moving furniture to vacum etc, getting cobwebs out of the corners etc. That next day I could hardly move and had extreme constant pain in my low back, both legs from hips to ankles, took every pain med I had, including motrin 800 mgs each time with valium, vicoprofen, and darvocet...no relief. Called my Dr. went in and got solumedrol shot and started a medrol dose pack. For 3 days I had this extreme pain and called the Dr. again yest. and she said if I had to to go to the hospital last night...I didn't go because as everyone must know how a hospital trip goes for a pain shot, not a fun exp. and looked upon like we are drug addicts looking for a fix. I am a nurse and have been for 26 yrs now and ask alot of questions etc. Anyhow...today I woke up and my legs are better, but not my back or knees and upper thigh area. Does this sound like a flare? Or did I just do too much? Thanks for your help!
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    Thanks for the info and advise...I had not heard of flare ups and my Dr. hasn't mentioned this to me, she is a family practice Dr. so I am not sure as to how much she knows about fm. This message board is a great place to talk with other people who have the same issues and to learn about fm. I somehow stumbled into it and am glad I did! I am 44 and share a house with my mother...I have 2 children, Michael age 22 almost 23 and Katie age 16 almost 17. My son just finished massage therapy school and I have heard massages are good with pain, per my family doc...so I am looking for some free massages soon! Just my legs though, after all he is my son. Katie lives in Texas now with her dad for the school seasons and comes here with me in the summer even though I have full custody of her and she lived strictly with me for 13 years. However at age 14 she became a handful and we decided she would live with her dad and go to school in the Dallas area and she is now the daughter of my dreams! Her dad whipped her into shape! She is a good girl but I have co-dependancy issues and struggle with letting her grow up. Sorry to blab on just wanted to give some history! Again thanks alot!

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