Just learning about fm and need to know what a flare up is.

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    can someone tell me what a flare up is and what symptoms are associated with it?
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  2. SnooZQ

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    When oil is poured on a fire, the flames FLARE up. (Don't try this at home, folks!)

    In that analogy, the oil is a trigger, causing the flare.

    IMO, FM has many possible triggers. Triggers vary from person to person. Possible triggers: illness, stress, overexertion, inactivity, hormonal excess, hormonal deficit, exposure to mold, exposure to other toxics, certain foods, drinking alcohol, certain meds, even changes in humidity or barometric pressure changes ...

    With FM, a trigger can cause SYMPTOMS to FLARE up. Usually the soft tissue tenderness, which is fairly standard for FM. But also any associated symptoms, which can vary from person to person: neuralgia, irritable gut, irritable bladder, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression ... the list goes on.

    May I ask why you are asking this question?

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    Remember there is also a good Fibro board here with great people there that is another good place to go and ask questions.