Just like a heart attack

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    About a week ago, I started having moderate chest pains at the top of my rib cage and the pain went down my left arm and up my neck; but no nausea, tightness or pressure. Normally, I don't sleep well (5-6 hours), but the first of the week ,I was sleeping 8-9 hours and was groggy for hours after. I also was exhausted and upon doing anything, would get breathless and so tired I had to sit down. I went to my primary Dr. and she sent me to the emergency room. They ran all kinds of tests (lung and cardio), kept me 2 days with heart monitor on. more cardio tests 5 different blood workups, and found nothing! Now, they ( the hospital Drs., not my regular primary and cardio) want to do an angiogram, but I think it's my fibro. Anyone else have these symptoms plus aching all over?
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    I was sent a few months ago immediately to the E.R. with cardio symptoms. They admitted me and were stuffing nitrogycerin and baby aspirin down me (and I was choking with the terrible chauky baby aspirin so they had to get me water). They kept me overnight with the heart monitor and all hooked up to machines and did the stress test and cardiac ultrasound the next day. They could not find out the reason for the symptoms and because woman are much different with heart attacks than men, they wanted my HMO doctor to refer me to a cardiologist.

    The HMO doctor would not refer me to a cardiologist because the hospital had not been able to find any reason for the problems at the hospital, so he told me to start taking two baby aspirin and if the problems start again, to see him (the HMO doctor).

    It does not mean that you are not having cardio problems. Ask to see a cardiologist and go for the angiogram. There are so many things associated with the heart system, that it is better to go through. You can have cardio problems with any number of other ailments, including lupus, fibro, etc. So don't discount the cardio problems yet. Good luck.
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    I agree with the above poster.

    Go ahead and get the angiogram. Your heart is nothing to mess around with. What one test won't show, the next one might.

    I have lupus and as a result, have many heart issues.

    Every time I am in the hospital, they always do a full heart workup. Better safe than sorry.

    Take care and good luck.
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    Dear Bunny~~~~
    It isn't a heart attack. It's plain old STRESS! I know because I've been there so many times it isn't funny! I'm a 61 yr. old woman who has had Fibro. & CFS most,(if not ALL of my life). The older I get....the worse it all seems to get. Take heart! (No pune intended.) Did anyone find a murmur in your heart?? Very common & benign situation where the heart's involved. Do you experience irregular beats? I have for years. Another symptom of Fibro.,unfortunately.
    With Fibro.pain it can be literally anywhere in your body.....including the breast-bone & rib cage areas. There are days when I swear the hair on my arms hurt!!!! I've been on many meds. Some have helped. Others made me feel worse. Still, others made me feel like I wanted to just end it all! :( I've settled with a fist-full of herbs & such each day. Also, Xanax for the anxiety attacks & Ultram (tramadol) for the PAIN & sleeplessness.
    Actually, I came across the tramadol quite by accident. I fell back in Jan. & broke my leg in 3 places. No fun....on top of the Fibro.,etc. After a few hospital stays & 2 operations to put my leg back together, my surgeon had me on quite a few pain killers....including tramadol, which I'd never taken before. WOW! After the first pill, ( I kid you not!), I felt almost like my old self! Not only was it helping with the leg pain...but, also, it has lowered the all-over Fibro. pain & I sleep like I haven't in decades!!!

    Good luck to you & please know you aren't having a heart attack,my Fibro. friend. Good luck to you & take it one day at a time. Heck! Take it one hour at a time! That's what I do.

    Your eaglehaslanded :)
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    Stress to......I have been under a lot of stress lately and it seems that almost daily I have chest pain. I was tired, and sometimes I get winded easy...But, I am still walking, talking, and working, and the old heart is still ticking...LOL

    To ease your mind though, you may want to go ahead with the added test.

    Good luck....
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    is here to read the responses. Her only post was last year.