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    I just wanted to know if any one has ever been to a pain management doctor. My regular MD wanted me to go I have a lot of back pain with the fibro. He did some faucet injections but saw him today and he said he couldn't help me anymore. I feel lost and confused and I don't know how a doctor can say they don't know what else to do and waves bye. I have alot of nerve root sheath cysts from the thorasic area to the lower back does any one out there know anything to help?

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    I go to a pain management specialist. He gives me lidocaine injections in my trigger points about once a month. It's temporary, but worth it!

    He has me on Lyrica (for nerve pain)...and is upping my dose to 300mg twice a day...and Baclofen (a muscle relaxer) for the muscle spasms. I don't know if it's helping yet, though. It takes a little while.

    He also diagnosed my CFS and hypothyroidism. And he is open to alternative therapies. He recommended DLPA for me, and wants me back on accupuncture. I'm already doing PT (I think that stands for Physical Torture! LOL) and that helps a little too.

    Maybe your regular doctor can prescribe something for you. Since you have nerve pain the Lyrica should help.

    God Bless.
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    I got refered to the Pain Management Clinic by my Ruematologist because he couldn`t help me any more.
    I found it a total waste of my time, they couldn`t give me any pain relief due to the fact that my stomach will not tolerate pain meds.
    So their answer was for me to talk about my child hood, which they think is the cause of my Fibromyalgia ( bull s..t)i have never heard such a bunch of rubbish in all my life.
    But i`m not saying it won`t be good for you maybe they will find some sort of treatment that will work.
    Good Luck


    doctors so they don't have to write anymore pain prescriptions, let the pain management specialist worry about getting in trouble! My doctor doesn't like writing prescriptions for pain meds so they passed me along to a pain management doctor, ahe only writes me scripts for Tramadol anything stronger and I have to go somewhere else...
    Hopefully they reffer you to a pain management specialist because they believe you can get more help than they can give.

    Take care...
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    I believe that your right that the GP and 90% of doctors will send you to a pain doctor when you have asked for pain pills more than they think is nessary for you. Even if you have had major surgery you usually only get 30 pills of say perocet and 1 refill and after that it is take the antiflamorites and that is it.
    I am really lucky as I see a D.O. and he is really good with prescribing me the pain meds that I am taking and he had always been that way.

    But your right you are being passed off to some one else to let them have the feds get on their case. I am sorry to say but doctors are not taught how to treat PAIN> They don't know what to do with you when your not "Normal"
    I went to my GP who had fits if I would ask for T3's .IF I was given a bottle of 30 pills it darn well better last 30 days. Which is stupid. I had horriable cramps as a teen ager and it was tough to get something strong enough for the pain I was in. And the doctor hated prescribing narcitic pain meds.

    So I was told that he would not see me if I was going to ask for narccotic pain pills so don't bother to ask.

    So I found this pain doctor and he is great and has a huge patient load . His patients come from up to three states away to see him. As there are not that many doctors who will treat pain. And even pain doctors don't like to prescribe narcotics as they are more suspect to haveing the feds look at them for over writing scripts for Narcoitic pain meds.
    Stuff like Tramodol are worthless to me as they do nothing to help with the pain. A peice of candy helps me more than toradol, Ultram, and others NON steridoal Antiflamorties.
    These ubove meds are all NON narcotic pain meds that don't work unless you take them before yourpain is bad. This is from the pharmaist has told me.

    HOpe that you can find some one to help you.