Just moved to San Diego anyone know a good doc? Support group?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deniset524, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. deniset524

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    Hello everyone, I just moved to San Diego from Colorado and my Fibro symptoms have flared up big time. I'm sure all of the stress from moving didn't help! Now I have to start over with a new doctor - I've tried looking through the phone book, and tried some search engines - does anyone know of a good doc in the San Diego, specifically the Point Loma area that understands FM and will treat it as a real disease? Any feedback or even other places to look will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. sh2angel

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    I go to doctors at Scripps they are really good and very helpful they did all the paper work that helped me win my SSDI...I see a rhumy..and a bunch of doctors there my rhumy name is Stacy Schulman...she is really nice..if you need more info just let me know...i Live in Oceanside...
  3. deniset524

    deniset524 New Member

    Thanks for the reply! Is your doc in Oceanside? That might be a bit too far away, but I really do appreciate your response!
  4. elliespad

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    I used to treat with him, by phone, as I live in NY. His name is Dr. David Gersten, and is in Solona Beach. He is an M.D., Neurologist and Psychiatrist. He has a great website at aminoacidpower dot com. This guy is brilliant, and has CFS himself. He does EXTENSIVE testing, things my doctors never did. Oxidative stress, amino acid profiles, mitochondrial function, gut disbiosis, tons of stuff. You pay upfront for your visis and submit for reimbursement yourself. Pretty much all my labs participated with my insurance, even the specialty labs.

    I hope you can see him. He did more for me than any other doctor. After your blood work is in and he goes over it with you on your second visit, he records the whole conversation and gives you the tape so you have it for reference. Everything he prescribes (mostly supplements) is based on test results. He really is brilliant. He used to treat Gulf War Vets for free. Don't know if he still does. Hope something here helps.
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  5. California31

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    Hi...Lobsang Dhondup, Tibetan Healing Center, 3rd St...Tibetan Physcian...He is excellent...
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  6. laura81655

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    Hi, not sure what part of town you live in. A good Rheumy is Dr.Ken Kalunian. He is in the UCSD medical group near Scripps Memorial Hospital. A very nice, caring man. I would definately give him a try. He did a thyroid panel, tested my Free t3 by dialysis( a certain way they test the blood, nothing different you have to do but draw blood for this). This test came back on the low side. Most doctors do not do this lab. -Good-luck!!!

  7. sh2angel

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    She is at 2 locations one is off the 56 freeway in Del Mar and she is also at Torrey Pines..At the Scripps Green Hospital there is also a doc clinic there....I can send you her phone # if you are interested..
  8. wish_to_be_healthy

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    Wish I was in San Diego myself fining a doc...I have gotten sicker since moveing back to MN from the inland Empire 2 yrs ago...


    Maybe someday I can convince my DH to move there....

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