just need a little guidence

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    SOULWRITER New Member

    It has been awhile since ive been here to long i do belive for god grant me the patience to please be strong on these days that i can not seem to get along.

    ive not come in awhile but could think of no where else to be than hear to ask for prayers of strenght thankyou gail
  2. ValleyGirl89

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    Hi! I am pretty much new to the board, I think I just started coming here around the middle to the last of August. Anyways, I came here needing prayers, still needing them and have found so many wonderful people here willing to take the time to help each other. It is nice to 'meet' you Gail. I will be praying for you!
  3. mamashome

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    I will be praying for you, mama
  4. Shirl

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    This is a wonderful suprise indeed! Its been a very longtime since we have heard from you.

    Will surely be in prayer for you, for whatever your needs are, the Lord Himself knows.

    Will pray that He gives you His Strength, you lay your weeknesses, and your burdens at His feet. We are weak Gail, but He is strong!

    God's most precious blessings be upon you and yours in this time of your need.

    Please keep in touch, you have been greatly missed on the boards....

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. danny3861

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    Dear Lord,

    Please bless Gail, give her the peace,comfort, and strength to endure. Let her know that you are always standing by her side ,holding her hand. Just guide her closer to you . In Jesus name ,Amen.

  6. danny3861

    danny3861 New Member

    Dear Lord,

    Please bless Gail, give her the peace,comfort, and strength to endure. Let her know that you are always standing by her side ,holding her hand. Just guide her closer to you . In Jesus name ,Amen.


    SOULWRITER New Member

    Well hi there ladies and gents im feeling much better but im in the middle of a fail we moved got a beautiful threebedroom with yard the nine yards ya know weve been waiting and struggling the last four years we were du.

    thank the lord and my husband is buying me a little puppy this weekend so i am not alone so much thats my biggest problem being alone.

    but i am sewing and entering some xmas bizzares so i feel good about i didnt get my disability they sad i cant walk or sit or do what i did before but i should beable to find whats called unscilled labor if i want to fight i need a lawer cus i lost apeal to but it takes so long so many hopes and i dont know if i can do it again my hubby wants me to any ideas i live in washington state one of the hardest for getting approved.

    hey thanx for listening i love you guys hope to be back regular soon love gail
  8. LindaW

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    welcome-this is a great place to come. I understand the sadness and disappointment you feel with your disability claim but do not give up. Please try to find an attorney to help you. God sees and he will intervene, one way or the other. Happy to hear that you got a new puppy to keep you company(I understand the pain of being lonely, Some days I will take a walk to the beach and will get great joy out of the dogs on the beach as they are running and having such a great time.
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  9. Takesha

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    I'm Takesha, have been around since early spring, but I haven't been here to much in the last month or so.
    I don't know what "phase" you were in with your disability claim, but If it was your first or even second rejection then keep at it. All most all claims that will be approved happen at the 3rd stage which is the hearing. There are attorneys that work only with SS disability cases, they charge no retaining fee, and by law can only take a certian percent of your back payment for their fees 25% in most cases. If it's not been 90 days yet, since your rejection, I'd scramble to find a lawyer who will work for you.The system is designed to eliminate as many claims as they can, and most people stop at the first rejection. I am at the "hearing" phase now and my paralegal says it's looking good. The question they always pose is can you be gainfully employed? It does not sound as if you can...so go for it kiddo.
    Your new house sounds lovely, and what kind of puppy are you or have you gotten? I have a dog named Zachery, he's part beagle and weiner dog. He is the greatest companion.
    Thank you for dropping in and I hope you come regular. I pray in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit who is our comforter will wrap himself around you like a cloak so that you may feel his presence, and that he will strenghten you in body, soul, and spirit, so that when feeling weak, you may say "I am strong".
    Hugs to you
  10. ValleyGirl89

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    Glad some things are looking up for you! I don't know much about the disability stuff, but I can pray for you! And about the puppy you are getting, that is great! Nothing like a pet for loving companionship! After I lost my mother, with my hubby working and my girl going to school, I got a little pekingese puppy because I did not want to be alone through the day and it helped having something to look after and take care of! I don't have the dog anymore because soon after I got him, I started work and could not be home to take care of him, but I will never forget how he helped me get through those sad, lonely days!