just need some perspective/support travel/low fever

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. Chilene

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    i'm supposed to take a trip from chicago to vegas (where my boyfriend lives) today (for a week), but still have a bit of a bug/low fever...i rarely get to see him and don't really want to spend 130 bucks to change the ticket. he can't visit for a few months...haven't seen him since july...

    traveling is tough enough, but i really want to still go. am i crazy (on top of the cfs/fibro/headaches)...?

    the good part is that he has a house and i can just lay around all day on weekdays as he will be at work...

    i also scheduled a wheelchair to get me through the airport...but am a bit worried about flying with all this...

    my temp during the day is only 98.4 and 99.2 at night, but my usual temp is like 97.4 or 97.6...

    i think i'm gonna try to go...just needed some perspective from like-minded/living folks!...

  2. suzetal

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    Have fun try to enjoy each others company.

    You will be fine.It will also make you feel much better when you see him I'm sure.

    When you get back you can rest .

    Take a picture of the 2 of you so we can see you happy.

    PS I'm going to fly 2 my daughters in GA in November .Am going alone .Just the thought of seeing my family is already making me feel better.
  3. Chilene

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    your words helped Soooo much! somehow the words of another person with this dd mean so much to me.

    thank you!!!! and have a wonderful trip to GA in November.

    big fibro hugs to you, dear!

    helene (chilene)