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    Hi all. I posted a question earlier, but this time I just need some support & advise. I went to my arm doc today. I had sugery last May on my left elbow & am still having problems. (I've had 4 surgeries on rt. elbow & 1 on left). He thinks that 1 or more tiny nerve endings got sewn up in the incision. Now he will have to open it up again & said he would just snip off those nerve endings. Normally I wouldn't be too upset but I'm still flaring (although not as bad as in Nov.) & am afraid surgery will cause more problems. I plan to talk to my fms doc on the 9th. (my list is so long he'll need to schedule me an hour!!) & see what he thinks.

    My biggest concern is work. I was off from mid Nov. till the 1st of April due to my first full blown fms flare that literaly set me on my ass. I have the summer off (school bus driver) & that would be a good time for surgery so I'd be ready for school in the fall. I'm worried if my fms doc says wait till flare calms down more, then I won't be ready to start school at the end of Aug. & will miss more work. My sick days are getting very low & if I have to miss a large chunk of work again, I'll run out. No sick days - no pay check. Plus I'm worried my employer will start giving me static about missed days.

    Well, now I've vented & can't say I feel better :( but we go on & do what we have to & believe God will take care of us. At least I'm counting on that!

    Take care......Kathi
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    Is there anything that can be done with a Laser that would only require one afternoon? I mean they are doing so much with this type of technology and with all the advances in sports medicine, I can't believe there isn't anything that would help in your case.

    Just a thought,

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    I never thought of laser. After I see what my fms doc says I think I'll give my arm doc a call & inquire. If it's possible, he'll know. He is the best in his field. I might be a little biased! :) I never asked much today when I was there because I really was bummed & didn't want to even think about another surgery.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will definitely look into it.

    Take care.........Kathi
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    Just bumping
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    have you looked into the family medical leave act? I know that if you run out of sick time it won't be paid but at least your employer can not terminate you for being off. I can't remember now how many days you can be off with the FMLA. You also don't have to take all the days at once. You can take them intermintently (sp??), and it insures that your medical insurance will be paid for. Usually school districts are rather understanding about absences due to illness, especially if you are a union member. I would definitely look into the FMLA though. Contact the HR department at your district, they should be able to help you.

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    I thought there was a form for family medical leave but when I asked at our central office, they said they never heard of one! I can't believe no one in our district has ever had to take family medical leave. I asked my husband to ask at his school & he said you had to apply for it but didn't know where to get the forms!!

    Our school does not have a union for bus drivers. The administration is being very understanding right now - but what can they do - I still have some sick days. I'm worried that after 16 years of service (with no discipline problems) they will try to railroad me out if I miss too much when my sick days are gone. I guess I need to look further into the family leave act.

    Thanks for the advise.

    Take care.......Kathi
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    One is about five pages long and your doctor has to fill it out. You employers are either ignorant or trying to pull a fast one. For your own protection, I advise you to use the DOL resources and learn the process.

    Go to the Dept of Labor website and read about it - all the information and forms are there:

    Form WH-380
    An optional form that may be used to obtain a medical certification from a health care provider.

    Form WH-381 An optional form that an employer may use to respond to an employee's request for leave.

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    for the good info. I will go to DOL website & read up on it. I, too, thought maybe my employer was pulling a fast one on me but when my husbands school didn't have the form either I wasn't sure what was up.

    Take care.......Kathi
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    by law the employer has to post the bulletin on Family Medical Leave. I know when I worked at one of our schools I had to have it posted in an area where all employees could see it. I'm really surprised at the response you got from your HR Department. They should be more careful, employers get sued for less things.

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    about the FMLA but said they just didn't have any forms that my doc would have to fill out & didn't know where to get them.

    I went to dept. of labor website & printed my own copy along with a copy of the law - just so I know my rights.

    Like I said before, they've been very understanding thus far, but they can't really say anything since I still am using sick days. I'm just worried about how they will react once my sick days are gone.

    I sure wish this law was in effect in 1986 when I got fired for being in the hospital too many times for my back. I was able to get some compensentation from the courts but not nearly enough & still had no job. The court said they could have made my employer give me my job back but I declined that cus I knew they'd find some little pea pickin thing to fire me again & I didn't want the stress.

    But, I digress so I'll just say again thanks for the info.

    Take care........Kathi