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  1. TAM

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    HI I just need to vent a little bit and try to release some of these negative thoughts.I know that everyone of us on this site deal and have chronic pain daily so we all go through this. I'm in so very much pain i can't stand it anymore, i have had a ton of days like this we all have i know. But today i'm finding it so hard to stay and be strong, even for my wonderful son when i can't be strong for myself i'm always able to be strong for him.

    I'm just so fed up i am at my wits end for the last couple months i have been getting worse and worse and i was already bad enough without feeling worse.

    I still truely believe everything happens for a reason, i have never felt sorry for myself and i have never questioned why me,in fact i am so thankful its me going threw this pain instead of anyone else in my family i would'nt want them to suffer with even one minute of the pain that we all go threw.

    I know theres a reason all of us have to suffer with this pain still even with my strong faith i'm just having such a difficult time lately. I feel like i'm really am going to go crazy i mean i am completely lost i am drowning in this pain. I can barely sit here now to type this out my pain all over has gotten worse i can barely walk my back is so bad my leg pain is worse i am extremely weak. like almost all of us my shoulder and neck stays tight all the time but now my shoulders and neck are so rock hard it does'nt even feel like it should be part of the human body. my arms are so painful and weak its all i could do to brush my teeth this morning, blah blah blah you get the point i could go on and on naming more and more things but what is the point, i have complained enough for goodness sakes.

    Just so eveyone knows i do not and never have complained like this to my family or friends yes i tell my docotors everything how else are we gonna get help they need to listen to all our complaints so they can help us. to make a long story short i hate to burden any of you with my venting you know how it is you live threw this type of pain too and if anyone out there can even give me a pointer or two on how you deal with your pain when you just want to crawl under a rock and die, and just plain give up.

    I have felt lost before but not this lost i'm so tired and i am on the edge if anyone could help me and give me some words of wisdom i would appreciate it, thanks, Tammy

  2. CanBrit

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    Here I sit at home. I took the day off today because I just couldn't get up. I'm sore and tired and fed up.

    Most days I can handle this stupid illness, but then I have these days when it just seem so big. I'm taking my meds regularly and hoping that they will provide me with some relief.

    I've been in this flare since I went downt to visit my daughter when she had our third grandchild in April. It just doesn't want to budge and the weather isn't helping it.

    The best you can do for yourself is to rest. Fatigue always makes us feel worse and I'm planning on pampering myself today. I think I'll have a piece of cake for breakfast!

    Hang in there!!!!

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    I'm so sorry you're feeling so bad. I find for me when I seem to have reached the very end, the Lord sees fit to actually give me a "better" day or two to regain my strength and will to go on.

    I hope this happens for you. I wish there were something I could do to take your pain away. Many of us have been where you are today, and it is the worst place in the world to be.

    Have you tried a long warm soak in the tub? It helps for a little while, and is relaxing. But just be careful getting out-I've ended up on the floor a time or two.

    Please know that I care, and will say a prayer for you.

    Friends -
  4. AnneTheresa

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    I'm so sorry. I have many days like the one you described and though I've found many small things that can help, the best you can do is just hang on. I imagine that every small thing you do (example: ice packs, heating pad) relieves the pain by 1/100 which means you have to do 100 small things to find relief. Some ideas:

    hot bath & showers
    topical rubs (for example tiger balm)
    TENS unit
    cherry juice (drink daily)

    I trust others will provide suggestions of things that may help. I'm hoping for better days ahead.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  5. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    I'm fed up too and I hate doctors. I hate them. hate them hate them hate them HATE THEM.
  6. onlythestrong

    onlythestrong New Member

    I'm sorry you hurt so much now and I do understand.There are many people on here with so much fantastic advice.
    The only thing I could say is take a Tammy day do the things that make you feel somewhat better,a hot bath,swimming,or just napping and try and let your mind and body relax.
    It seems the more we stress the more we hurt.
    Good luck to you and gentle hugs,
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I am really sorry you are in this pain. I am luckier as I get flares of bad pain with relatively minor pain between.

    I am getting into using supplements of late, and I do think they help.

    However, I know that it is really hard to deal with this all of the time and there have been many times I felt the way you do today. Everything seems such an uphill slog.

    However, try and focus on better times. I know this is hard, but this sounds like a really BAD day, and you are right, you deserve a break.

    I have no words of wisdom except that I know these feelings have hit many of us, and they tend to come in waves. You also sound a little depressed and I am womndering if you could see the doc about this as you are right now overwhelmed.

    I can only send a big hug, say hang in there, and pray that tomorrow will be better for you. I hope someone else here can be more helpful. Have you tried a good hot epsom salts bath? Does any music inspire you-can you play it?

    God Bless and love

    Anne Cromwell
  8. TAM

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    Your just like me cake sounds great for breakfast yum!
    I hope your able to enjoy your day today and i hope your flare up gives you a break soon. take care. Tammy
  9. TAM

    TAM New Member

    HI JOLE,
    Thank you for your kind words, I do know the lord does give you the strentgh to go on. your kind words and thoughtfulness will help me make it threw the day.

    God bless you take care.

  10. TAM

    TAM New Member


    Thank you for your many suggestions i have done all of them except the cherry juice i'll give that a shot.

    However i have to hurry everytime i shower and theres no way i could take a bath because when water touches my skin it feels like needles going threw me.

    Have a great day. Tammy
  11. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Yes, we do all understand how you feel. It is so comforting to know we can come here and talk to the family that REALLY understands.

    I am SO SORRY you are feeling lost, but you have something no one can take from you...faith.

    Just allow yourself to "BE" today AS YOU ARE. I'm sure your wonderful son will understand. Im not sure of his age, but maybe he could go to a friends house or something today. Just a thought.

    I will keep you in my prayers.
  12. TAM

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  13. Zzzsharn

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    Here's what helps me: I crawl in bed, pull the covers up over my head and cry-Not exactly a self pity party, but more of a release from the anger and pain and I just let myself boob like a baby.. I take my meds that help me sleep, make sure the kids are being taken care of and I just collapse.

    Being in constant pain is miserable, and I don't care who you are- there is only so much you can take before you break.

    Most of us have been there- It's okay to feel that way.. You are human, and you are suffering..

    When I get like that.. I stop trying to deny the discomfort and put my strong face aside and embrace my weakness and need for a complete meltdown..

    It works for me most of the time. At least I get thru it.

    I hope you find something that helps you over this hurdle..

    Gentle hugs,
  14. TAM

    TAM New Member

    HI MARY,

    Your right about that the more we stress the more we hurt, thanks for listening to me. take care. Tammy
  15. TAM

    TAM New Member


    Thank you for your sugesstions, and i will try to focus on better times. and just to let you know I have been on depression meds for yrs. i am now taking wellbutrin 400mgs and i just started cymbalta 60mg once each day.

    take care, and thanks. tammy
  16. TAM

    TAM New Member


    I could'nt agree with you more it does help you cope better on your tough days to read what others are going threw because you do feel understood and not so alone.

    And i hope today that it will make me stronger by reading what others say because i need some strength today!!

    I have read many of your posts and find them very helpful and uplifting, take care. tammy
  17. TAM

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    HI Cockatoomom,

    Your so very right no one can take your faith.

    I'll take your advice and allow myself to be,(well i will try hard to).

    And your right my wonderful son will understand he always does he never gives me any trouble when it comes to my health he is understanding when i'm unable to do things he is 14 yrs old so he is a big help. thanks. TAKE CARE,
  18. TAM

    TAM New Member

    I must say that sounds like a wonderful idea sometimes you do need to let it out and cry because your right a person can only take so much. thanks for being so helpful and understanding. TAKE CARE, TAMMY
  19. nice2meetu

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    If it makes you feel better get it out there!

    I am glad we can vent here. I know we can not always do this with our supposed loved ones due to the fact they don't want to here it.

    I guess my words of wisdom (I just asked for them in my post!) are: Learn to love yourself through all of it. Know your limitations. Accept them. Don't stop trying new things out of fears that you won't make it. God knows when we need help even before we do. Think toward the future but live for today.

    Blessings to you!
  20. TAM

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